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Dan, Technician
Category: Toyota
Satisfied Customers: 24421
Experience:  Independent Shop Experience, 2 Year Automotive Diploma, & Access to Information Database
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2000 Toyota Solara SLE: timing belt..acceleration..tune..spark plugs

Customer Question

2000 Toyota Solara SLE V6 Auto. 210k miles, timing belt changed at 150K-verified T. belt still intact and good.
Vehicle started missing on acceleration and on going up hills. So I decided to do a tune up by:
I changed the 6 spark plugs with Identical NGK Iridium new plugs. Replaced the 6 fuel injectors with 6 reman. and tested new ones. Replaced two oxygen sendors and installed a new fuel pump. I have verified fuel delivery and good pressure at fuel rails and verified spark at plugs.
The engine will not start! It attempts to, turns over and on ocassions soungs like the engine wants to catch and run on its own- but quickly dies. I hooked up a diagnostic electronic tool and it says that it passes and all is well with engine.
I put back three of the front injectors- still wont start!
My last guess would be the crank sensor but it does give spark to plug properly. or could it be the cam sensor. Engine sounds like it is 180 degrees out of ign time-
I dont know what else to do?
Any Ideas
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Dan replied 7 years ago.

I would first do a compression test, compression should be at least 145 psi if cylinders are much lower then that I would assume the timing is either off or you have a valve problem. Once you have the timing marks alligned you should rotate it 2 times to verify they go back to the proper marks. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

While I agree that could be a possiblity,it would be a very remote for the compression to go bad on my all of a sudden, This car has has run great with lots of power and just developed a slight miss on acceleration. It never had a problem starting before. Started up right away almost immediatly, whether hot or cold. Only after I installed the new parts. Sorry, low compression can not be it.

I just dont understand how the ignition or even valve timing could be affected or changed when I just replaced spark plugs, and fuel injectors?


It just doesnt make sense.

Expert:  Dan replied 7 years ago.
It wouldnt make sense for the vehicle to not run after replacing the injectors and spark plugs. I would still recommend doing a compressin test since its easy and would get that possibility out of the way otherwise use a LED testlight to verify the injectors have good power and ground pulsating off/on. Let me know if you have questions, thanks.
Dan, Technician
Category: Toyota
Satisfied Customers: 24421
Experience: Independent Shop Experience, 2 Year Automotive Diploma, & Access to Information Database
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Sorry can not do that.

You have not told me anything new. I need the assistance of a Toyota expert, someone who knows the v6 engine used in Camry's, Solaras, and even Lexus 300's.


Please forward question to someone who meets my criteria.

I have been working on cars for a long time, this has me baffled.

Expert:  Dan replied 7 years ago.
Ok, I'll opt-out of this question so maybe someone else can tell you the problem without testing being involved. Do no reply otherwise the question will be locked to me. Thanks and good luck Cool
Expert:  Toyotapro replied 7 years ago.


I see your question is a few hours old, I just came online, do you need assitance from a Lexus and Toyota expert still?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes Sir.

If you would take the time to read my post, it pretty much tells it like it is for my problem.

I be happy to answer any further questions, but do not feel that my engine could degredate itself to the point of losing all compression just by sitting a few days.

Car is still dead in the water. (just a joke you understand)

Expert:  Toyotapro replied 7 years ago.

THank you for the reply.

Does your car have the optional factory immobilizer/security system with the red "security" indicator? If so what does this indicator do when trying to start?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes sir it does.

And that was the answer.

I cycled the key fob a couple of times and the engine started right up.

I am humbled.

Thank you.

Expert:  Toyotapro replied 7 years ago.

you are welcome, the immobilizer was tripped, I will submit this reply as an "answer" since my questions led to an answer above, let me know if more input is needed at a later time.Glad I could help.


Expert:  Dan replied 7 years ago.
I think you accidently accepted my answer when Peter gave you the information that lead to the problem being solved and his answer should have been accepted. You can email [email protected] to have them trasfer the accept from me to him and I'll issue a refund if you just want to accpt his answer then your accont should be credited for accepting mine. Thanks
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes, I am working with billing dept to get that corrected.

Thank you.

Expert:  Toyotapro replied 7 years ago.

Just wanted to confirm for youCustomerthat the billing department has resolved this and credited me for the question, I am unable to leave you positive feedback as the credit was manually posted otherwise I would do so.

If you need future assistance please feel free to request me by name. Thank you again and happy holidays.