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My 1999 Toyota Camry occassionally wont start. When I turn

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My 1999 Toyota Camry occassionally won't start. When I turn the key, all indicator lights come on. But it won't turn over, just clicks. I have had the battery and starter reviewed, they are in working condition. Sometimes, I will rock the gear shifter up and down and the car turns over. I'm guessing there is a lock mechanism that isn't functioning properly. What do you think?

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You stated above that you hear a "click" noise when it won;t start. Is this a single solid click or is this a rapid clicking noise?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hey, thanks for answering!!! Single click

Thank you for the reply.

If this is a single click then this narrows it down.

First you stated the battery was checked, double check to be sure that the battery terminal connections are clean and tight, not likely the issue but lets cover the basics first.


If this is good then the issue is in the starter- regardless of what you were when the starter was tested. What is happening here is the copper contacts in the starter solenoid that is built onto the starter are worn and causing this. You can have a toyota dealer replace these contacts for about $200 or you can have the entire starter replaced.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The battery terminals were cleaned by mechanics - the stuff turned purple. However, my family discovered that the connectors had junk in them and they cleaned them out. Further, my husband put two screws (can you imagine!) in the posive connector. It's a tight fit. I will have the starter replaced tomorrow and get back to you.

If you are repalcing the starter I recommend you get it from a dealer, or else there is a 75% chance that you will either come back here tomorrow and tell me it didn't work or you will run into a repeat issue very soon. Serious quality issues on the cheap parts used on aftermarket units. Just my advise in your own best interest. Happy holidays.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
You're right about the parts. I will have it taken care of properly. I am happy to release the deposit right now. It gives me great, immense pleasure in discussing my car issue intelligently with my husband. Thank you for that. He can't possibly argue with a Toyota EXPERT. Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to you also and thank you for your reply.

If you need future assistance you know where and who to ask, feel free to request me by name if you need me again.