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92 Toyota Celica: wiring harness..relay under..kick panel

Customer Question

I have a 92 Toyota Celica STX. My problems began when I had the air conditioning repaired, year before last. The next day when I turned on the air conditioning, the wiring harness that runs from #1 fuse and relay box under the left kick panel caught on fire. I replaced the entire wiring harness with the harness from a 90 ST matching wire for wire.
From that time on I have had intermittent starting problems. I have replaced the starter, the alternator, the ignition switch and the battery. Still the car on some occasions will not start. Thinking that the problem might be related to the computer, due to this occuring primarily after the car is driven for some 45 minutes to an hour when shut off will not restart.
The car will start every time if left to sit and cool for 4 hours or more, until day before yesterday when even that failed. Jumper cables will turn it over.
This car has never had a starter relay in box 4.
No other electrical problems.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Skyvisions replied 7 years ago.

Which divine intervention did you use? Just kidding. Are you saying that when you turn the key to the start position that the engine will not crank over or it does crank over and just does not fire up and run? If it is not cranking do you hear any clicking noises at all? Do the lights dim at all? Are you in the USA and is this an automatic trans or manual?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The can hear the fuel pump spinning, but there is not a sound from the starter, solenoid or otherwise ( NO CLICKING NOISES). I have never tried turning on the lights while the car is not running. I am in the good ole USA, specifically Powell Tennessee.

The transmission is Automatic.

The con artist that I bought the car from had a son that had done time in the "big house".

I found out that he had gained entry into the auto by busting out the rear passenger window and somehow started the car and made off with it. I found this out after the fact.

I mentioned that the car had NO starter relay, yet it started before I discovered this.

I noted that the starter is directly connected to the CPU.

The engine is not the original engine and had the fuel pressure regulator off of it when I bought it. After putting the harness out of the '90 Celica into it, I found the plug for regulator and pulled the regulator off of the '90 Celica and put it on the engine.

I have disconnected the water temp shutdown sensor from the water jacket, thinking that this might be the culprit, but it isn't. I am currently trying to sell the auto with two engines and two sun roofs with relatively new rubber on 4, of the '90 four lug rims, for $500.00.

If you know of anyone enamored by this make & model, please let me know, as I already have more than $4,200 invested in this piece of crap. New upholstery also.

Need to get it out of my sight so that I wont be constantly reminded what a fool that I am.

Expert:  Skyvisions replied 7 years ago.

Well this is probably more than I can tangle with in this type of format. My only advice would be to put an ad in craigslist. Some guys love this year Celica I wish you well.