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Ted Ritter
Ted Ritter, Toyota Master Tech
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Cruise control on my Toyota Corolla quit working. How do I fix it?

Resolved Question:

The cruise control on my Toyota Corolla quit working. How do I fix it?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 7 years ago.
When you push the cruise control main switch does the "cruise" light on the dash turn on? Does the "brake" light on the dash stay on or goes on/off?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No. The 'cruise' light apparently doesn't come on.
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 7 years ago.
Check the 10A gauge fuse in the fuse panel on the lower left of the dash, if the fuse is good the most likely the cruise control switch is defective.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

OK. All the fuses look good. The switch is what I would have suspected first instead of a fuse. Is it possible for me to change out the switch without special tools? If I need to pay a bonus for you to tell me how to fix this I'll be more than happy to.

I'm very good at electrical and fine work.

Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 7 years ago.
The main switch is on the dash, this is the one that turns the system on and the indicator light, it should just pop out of the dash by prying on the sides, there is an electrical connector on the back.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Not on my model. I've got a 2000 Corolla CE. The switch is on a movable 'arm' on the left side of the wheel column below the headlight and turn signal switch.
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 7 years ago.

Ok, my mistake for some reason I looked up a 1990 corolla. Yes on the 2000 the main switch is part of the lever type switch assembly, the air bag has to be removed and then the steering wheel, the witch has three small screws attacing it. Here is the procedure:

Disconnect the battery, wait 90 seconds, remove two small plastic covers on the side of the steering wheel, the airbag is connected with two torx bolts, I believe #35, it requires a torx socket to remove and a short extension and a ratchet, once the air bag is off disconnect the electrical connectors from it, remove the 19mm nut on the steering wheel, grab the wheel and wiggle it side to side to remove it from the splined shaft, the switch can then be removed.

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