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mike c
mike c, toyota master diagnostic technician
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Blown..fuses..The plastic fuse housing is removed but the metal prongs

Resolved Question:

A new battery was inadvertantly connected to wrong poles on battery. The 100amp fuse was blown, all other fuses are OK. The plastic fuse housing is removed but the metal prongs are still in place and will not come out. If I replace the fuse successfully will I still have other mechanical issues (computer, ignition???) If I cannot remove the prongs, can I use the open fuse slot next to the goofed one?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  mike c replied 7 years ago.


the fuse link bolts into the fuse block it doesnt just pull out.

for testing you can try to bend the 2 pieces of the fuse link that are broken when the fuse blew so that they are touching to see if the truck will start. i dont recommend trying to drive it this can also take a thin gauge wire and jumper both sides of the fuse link a wire that is 14-16 gauge will work

you will also have to check all the fuses in the inside and outside fuse boxes some may have blown when the battery was jumpered backwards.

let me know if you need further info on this


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