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toyota sienna 2005, after change oil, the maint. reqd light

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toyota sienna 2005, after change oil, the maint. reqd light blink for 6 sec. I just follow what's on the tread by odo trip, but it did not work. still blinking right after i start for 6 sec. how can i solve this problem to remove the blinking light?
HelloCustomer Thanks for your question. The procedure to reset the light follows:
1-Turn the key off all the way with the main odometer reading showing, 2-press and hold the trip odometer reset button while turning the key to the on position.3-Continue holding the trip reset button until the odometer indicates 000000 . 4-release button.5-The oil light should now be reset
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Do I have to go to trip A? Trip A is already zero as well as trip B. And you indicates 000000 five zeros, Is it on the said trip A?

Please specify.


No, stay on the normal total odometer reading. As you continue to hold the button after turning on the key you will see the odometer numbers change to zeros. When all 6 zeroes show up you are done.
You will see dashes then zeroes
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What about the existing odo reading? What will happen to that? I am afraid it will erased whaen I do that.
No worries about that. It just changes to indicate proper reset. The total mileage will come right back after the light is reset. Just press the button before turning the key and do not release till the six zeroes come up.