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I have a 1999 Toyota Solara SLE (V6). Currently the check

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I have a 1999 Toyota Solara SLE (V6). Currently the 'check engine' light and 'traction control off' warning light are both on. Toyota service says one of the four oxygen sensors needs replaced ($350 - $500 depending if the manifold needs removed in order to get the sensor out), making the check engine light come on. Toyota service also says the car automatically turns off the traction control whenever the check engine light is on. My understanding is that this is not a safety issue (but instead only a fuel economy issue), so I'm wondering if there is a round about way to make the warning lights go off and stay off without paying $500? Maybe pull a fuse somewhere?



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No there is no fuse you can pull to do this. Also this does not simply alter the fuel economy, an 02 sensor (or air fuel ratio sensor) is one of the primary sensors on the engine, over time you can cause extensive damage to more critical parts on the car, also if this car is subject to emission testing or if you ever plan on selling it this will pose a major issue. I will say that it is rare for an 02 sensor to seize in the manifold on one of these. If cost is your concern here then I recommend you purchase the part cheaper at a online wholesaler such as the sensors normally retail for around $240, but this cheaper and pay the labor to get it installed and you should ge out under $300. If you cannot afford to get it fixed then you should consider parking the car or trading it in before you lead yourself into more costly issues.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The lights have been on for years (but I don't drive the car a lot ~ thus only 69,000 miles). I have had both the 30,000 and 52,500 scheduled maintenances (at Toyota) with no reported problems (lights weren't on then though). But, I have not had the 60,000 maintenance yet. Each year when I have to go for emissions tests, I pull a certin fuse out under the hood, and then immediately replace it. Both warning lights go off. I pass the emissions tests successfully, but within a day or so the lights some back on. Not sure what the fuse I pull is actually resetting or turning off. I just bought a Sienna and I am preping this solara for private party sale. Will Toyota install a sensor that I provide? Any other thoughts with this additional information? Is the traction control disabled because of this O2 sensor being bad?





Yes the traction is disabled when ever the check engine light comes on, this is called a fail safe mode. Yes pulling the EFI fuse will reset the light but the computer runs this check continously so when it fails 2 times it sets the light on again. Many states use an obd2 emission test now so you cannot get away with this because it not only checks for codes but also it cheks for code "rediness" to verify that you have not tried to cheat the system by clearing the light. Yes a Dealer can install a part you supply, or you can always consult a independant shop as an o2 sensor is a very easy part to replace, just be sure that this is replaced when the engine is warm as these sensors can stick in the manifold when cold.....if hot I have NEVER had one stick on this car on me, I do this exact repair almost on a daily basis. Best of luck to you.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
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