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Toyota Matrix: what is the best winter tire I can get

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what is the best winter tire I can get for a Toyota Matrix 2010?
will this reduce the noise inside the car?

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There are a couple different tire sized on this car, which size do you have?

What type of winter tire do you need? DO you drive in snow and ice?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I just purchased a Matrix 2010 and live in Montreal Quebec. Yes I drice in snow and ice all winter. I find the Matrix particularly noisy, and I suspect its partly due to the tires it came with. The dealer has sugegsted Bridgstones. A winter tire on asphalt road rolling at 100Km /hr could make a lot more noise than I can handle! Which tire can minimise this noise for me.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

ooops forgot


P205 55R16

Thank you for the reply.

I recommend you purchase a second set of wheels and tire sensors for this car as it can be a pain to switch around every season otherwise.

I would recommend either a Bridgestone Blizzak or a Michelin X-ICE tire here then. These are both good ice and snow tires, but yes they are both winter tires and with the stiff suspension on this car and the solid rear axle they will be a little noisey and rough at higher speeds, it's hard to find a good balance of traction verses noise in the winter unfornutely.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you. Sorry I had to go to bed.. Couldn't follow up!

I find this car a little noisy (a little disappointed on this level actually) So, The extra noise generated by the winter tires. Is there someway of attenuating it inside the car? Example Blankets? Pillows?! Cork??!!

I understand your concerns here. While yes this is a new car keep in mind that this is a relatively simple and quite frankly a cheap car by todays standards, there is not much insulation betweent the body and the undercarriage. If you have the undercarriage sealed with the sealer that is commonly used for rust prevention this will reduce it slightly. In summer/spring time if you run a high quality tire such as a michelin mxv4 energy tire this will also keep the noise down. As far as the engine noise and tire noises there is not much you can do to completely block this out short of purchasing a Lexus that has insulation top to bottom to eliminate noise. Most interior panels on your car asre simply a thin plastic and have no insuation on the back side.
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