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2005 Camry: intermittently..there a way to reset the alarm system

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2005 Camry with factory alarm. I just replaced the battery, but the alarm going off intermittently for no reason. Is there a way to reset the alarm system?
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There are several "toyota" alarms on these cars, the true factory one does not go off when power is reconnected so this is either an "add on" toyota system or a aftermarkter one.
Can you upload a picture of your remote so that I can identify which system you have and help you?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have found a small manual for the keyless entry system. It says MPX. It eplains the system, however nothing about resetting the alarm system after replacing the car's battery. I am attaching a photo of front and back of the remotes. The remotes do have the word 'TOYOTA' molded into them, and were made by TRW. Thanks!graphic.

Thank you for the reply, I just came back online here.

I'm a little confused now, the remote that you pictured is a genuine "factory" "toyota" system, the alarm should NOT sound when the battery is disconnected on this setup. There should also not be an extra/seperate manaul for the keyless/alarm system on this one, it would appear that there has been an "extra" alarm added on top of the factory system here. Do you have any red alarm indicator lights on the dash that do not conform to a factory fit and are obviously added on?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
There is a small red push button on the dashboard to the left of the steering column (is this the 'valet' button?). There is an alarm indicator on the lower right side of center consule. This equipment was in the vehicle when we purchased it new from the Toyota dealership. The original battery was replaced at the Toyota dealership after approximately 3 years. I just changed this replacement battery after two years (Toyota battery made in Mexico). As a follow up, the alarm now seems to be functioning properly after approximately six start up/shut down cycles. I would, however, still like to know if there is some means of resetting the alarm system in the event this occurs again. Thank you.

Ok, they added the TDS system to this car then.

For future refrence this system will sound anytime power is disconnected and then reconnected.

What you do is this-

The button neds to be OUT when reconneting the alarm, then once the power is reconnected you push the button in, out , in, out, then turn the key to ON 3 times, on the third motion to ON the system will disable.

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