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My slip indicator light comes on as I round turns and the engine

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My slip indicator light comes on as I round turns and the engine seems to RPM down. This happens at normal speeds, on dry roads. What would be the cause ? The fix?
2005 Toyota Highlander.
Thanks for your help.

Do you know if you're getting any fault codes in the vehicle skid control computer or the ABS computer? Are you getting an audible warning beeper as the vehicle skid control light illuminates?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Not receiving any audible beeps. I do not know of any false codes in the skid control computer or ABS computer, nor would I know where and or haow to check. Be happy to check if it is possible

What part of the country do you live in?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

San Francisco Bay Area in the East Bay. Concord, San Ramon, Danville

Okay this would rule out any type of corrosion problem. In the Northeast where we have corrosion issues the drive axle speed rings have a tendency to crack and this prematurely will affect the ABS and vehicle skid control system because the computer sees a false signal from the crack in this wheel. There is one other thing that you are going to need to have checked. This is assuming that you have vehicle skid control based on your description of the warning light that would be the case. My only concern is that normally when the vehicle skid control system is activated there is an audible beeping sounds in the vehicle. All of this being said there is a steering angle sensor in the steering column that could be malfunctioning. This may not set a code in the system. What happens is the computer sees a high rate of turn and thinks the vehicle is out of control based on your steering angle sensor malfunction and the computer tries to correct for this by activating the vehicle skid control system. This is very difficult to detect and diagnose unless you have a good life data list scan tool to monitor the information in the traction control system. Do you have any test equipment like this? If not my recommendation would be to contact your local dealer give them this information that I have given you so that they do not waste a bunch of time diagnosing things and they can go right to the heart of the problem.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Randy, what if there was a beep? What does that indicate and how much would that be ball park ? Appreciate your help and answer / suggestion above.

If you are getting I will beat this would definitely confirm that the vehicle skid control system has been activated. This is not always a guarantee because depending on what model features you have in other words ABS versus traction control versus vehicle speed control there are several options. Most shops charge a minimum check out the one hour based on the information I gave you I would think that they should keep that within that time frame to check the steering angle sensor when this problem is occurring. Most shops are at about $100 per hour as I recall the sensor is a couple hundred dollars. The labor to install is probably another $100. While they are in the system they can test for any codes that might be set in the system with the scan tool. If you need a second opinion on what they come up with before you spend any money just reply back to this post and let me know.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks Randy. Much appreciated.