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I want to replace the spark plugs on a 1995 toyota corolla

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I want to replace the spark plugs on a 1995 toyota corolla dx with a 1.8 liter engine. I want the best spark plugs for the car that will improve performance and gas mileage. Im considering either getting the NGK platinums or the Bosch Platinums. Which one of these is good for this car? By the way, which one is better, iridium or platinums?
HelloCustomer Thanks for your question. In reality the best plug for your car is the one it originally came with. The ignition system was designed for a certain plug type. Your vehicle originally came with either Denso or NGK plugs. They were not platinum for your model year. The part numbers are: Denso- K16RU(3119), or NGK- BKR5EYA (2087). The plug gap should be .031". If you are wanting to go with a platinum plug I would recommend either Denso PK16R8 (3301) or NGK BKR5EGP(7090) . The advantage you will see with platinum plugs is extended plug life. I would not recommend Bosch Platinum plugs. We have cured many problems by just removing Bosch plugs from Japanese cars. They do not preform well with Japanese ignition systems. As far as Iridium plugs go, they are the latest precious metal to be used in plugs. For a car designed for them they offer the maximum plug life, but I would not recommend them for your car.
Just replacing worn plugs will be beneficial to your economy and performance. I hope this helps. If I have answered your question please accept. Thanks for using JA.
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