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I had a timing chain tensioner oring replaced on an 01 corolla

Resolved Question:

I had a timing chain tensioner oring replaced on an 01 corolla and 96 miles later the timing chain broke and destroyed the engine. Could fuallty workmansip have caused this problem?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  ase_master327 replied 8 years ago.
Hi, thanks for asking..

The only way bad workmanship could have caused it is if it fell out of the engine. Also, if they did not pull the tensioner in when they installed it.. it wuould cause the rail to hold too tight on the chain, and damage it...

What is more likely, is that the tensioner 'rails' that the chain rides on got ate up. That is what happens more often than anything.

If they did not 'pull the tensioner in' then they did the repair wrong.. So you can see what I'm talking about.. here is a picture of it:
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ace: What they replaced was the tensioner "O-ring", The car had 97000 miles and was well maintained. I cant tell from the picture where the O-ring comes into play. Did they have to remove the tensioner to replace the O-ring? Thats my really big question I need answered.
Expert:  ase_master327 replied 8 years ago.
Yes, they would have had to remove it to replace the o-ring.
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