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Can I simply swap an air horn for my Highlander stock horn

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Can I simply swap an air horn for my Highlander stock horn? (do I need the 15 amp fuse?) If I need the fuse can I just put a 15amp fuse in the main fuse housing or do I need to do something else?



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What year is the highlander? What is the amperage that the air horn is calling for (how much current draw) is required to drive the pump an solenoid?




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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Randy,

My new horn is a Wolo air horn. It calls for a 20 amp fuse from what I am reading. My Toyota Highlander is a 2006 hybrid. (I dont know where the fuse panel is, or what size fuse my current horn uses)

The directions say I don't need to use the "relay" that comes with the package if using the vehicles horn switch.

The directions also say...
Electrical Connections- using vehicles Factory horn switch.
a) for two (2) wire systems: if vehicles factory horn has two terminals, simply transfer wire to compressor's terminals. Important: if the compressor turns but horn does not sound, reverse wires at bottom of compressor (???? if the wires are reversed will it pop the fuse? and where is the fuse located????)
b) For a one (1) wire system: if a vehicles factory horn has one (1) terminal simply transfer wire to the compressor's positive (+) terminal.
c) using a 16-gauge wire, the compressor's negative terminal is connected to any metal body bolt.

(??? can you tell me is the system a one wire or two wire???)

Also I have figured out how to get the top fasteners off the grill but can't seem to find where the bottom of the grill is connected or how. (I will need to remove the grill to hang the horns.)

You are going to have to wire this independent of the horn relay in the car now. Click the link below and save for a picture. This is only a 10 amp horn fuse and system. Do not attempt to use the black wires going to the horns to drive pump and after market horns. This system uses solid state relays and they are built in to the fuse box under the hood and are not serviceable separately. You will damage the fuse block! You can take the signal from the solid state factory relay (black wire) to energize the relay that you have to supply power from the battery through those contacts. This will make the load for you after market horns go through the relay it came with. The grill is part of the bumper cover and the bumper cover. the pop clips have a center button that pushes in then the clip assembly pulls out of the hole to get the top plastic shields off.



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