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2003 matrix: shift gears..downshifting..reverse in my driveway

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I have a 2003 Matrix XRS. It was getting kinda hard to shift gears last couple of weeks, especially downshifting. And as of this morning it is stuck in reverse in my driveway, I can't drive it. Son says it sounds like shifter cable?? I just replaced the clutch this past December. What do you think?

I'm assuming it is a manual transmission. How does it shift with the engine off? If the condition is the same, you probably have a bad shift cable. If you disconnect the cables on the transmission, How does it feel? Still stiff, it the cable(s) or something in the shifter. If the shifter moves ok with the cables off, then its in the transaxle.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes it is manual transmission. It does the same thing with engiine off. I have no idea how to disconnect the cables on the transmission (I'm a girl, not a mechanic ;) ). And if it IS the cable, is this a very difficult thing to do on a Matrix?
It is kind of involved to remove the cables. I thought when you said you replaced the clutch, you meant YOU replaced the clutch, Sorry for the mix up. If you are not mechanically inclined, I would not attempt to do the cable(s). Better off bringing it to the dealer for this one.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well my SON replaced the clutch, not me. I didn't make that clear, sorry. Can I purchase the cables at an AutoZone or something? or only thru dealer?
I beleive that tehe only way you can get them is thru the dealer. There are 2 cables and it rare that both of them go bad at the same time. One controls the left and right movement and the other does the front to back. You should determine which one you need first as they are a bit pricey. If your son did the clutch, he should be able to determine which one is bad and be able to replace it.
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