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how to put transmission fluid in a 2009 toyota camry

Customer Question

my husband was changing the oil and accidently drained out some transmission fluid. I have looked the manual over and cannot find any answers.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Boxer54 replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for trusting Just Answer with your Toyota question. You basically have 2 options here. Have this car towed to your Toyota dealer or go through an arduous process to check/fill the transmission. I can give you check/fill info, but it requires some equipment to get it right and the transmission in these is very sensitive to fluid level. Also, you need to use only WS transmission fluid from your dealer. Do not use anything else in this transmission. Let me know if you would like the check/fill info.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
he did not completely drain it, is there anyway to see how much came out. and how do we add more
Expert:  Boxer54 replied 8 years ago.

As i stated, these transmission are very sensitive to proper fluid level. If it is not right, you could do some damage to the transmission which would not be covered under warranty.

To fill the fluid, you will need the following items:

WS transmission fluid with a fluid transfer pump

6mm allen head socket

24 mm wrench or socket


to start with this needs to be done with the car level. So, you will need to put it on jackstands because the left front wheel needs to be removed.

With the left front wheel removed, you will see on the end of the transmission, a 24mm plug with WS stamped in it.

Remove that plug and make sure you don't lose or damage the o-ring

You now need to jump 2 pins at the diagnostic connector under the dash. At the bottom of this post I will supply a link with a diagram showing which ones to connect.

With the key off jump the pins with a small wire, then start vehicle and move shift lever from N to D and back at 1.5 second intervals for more than 6 seconds stopping in neutral. Make sure when you stop, that the D light on dash comes on for 2 seconds then goes off. Then shift to park.

Remove the wire from the connector.

Watch the D light, if it blinks, let car cool completely, then start process over.

You want D light to be off, then come on when proper temperature is reached. When light comes on, remove the 6mm bolt on transmission pan and add fluid until fluid comes out of overflow hole. (where you just removed the plug)

The fluid level is full when fluid comes out of the plug hole at correct temperature.


This is not an easy process, and should be done at shop, but it can be accomplished at home. Click on the following link to see the under dash connector and which pins to jump.



The pins to jump are numbered 4 and 13.