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93 Toyota Paseo: it wont start..plugs/wires..wont fire

Customer Question

I have a 93 Toyota Paseo and it won't start. The plugs/wires and battery are all new. It tries to turn over but won't fire. What's wrong with it?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Skyvisions replied 8 years ago.



You have many options with today's internet so Thank you for choosing


There are numerous things that could be wrong. What have you checked so far? Does it have spark? Do you have compression? Do you have fuel pressure? Do you have any malfunction codes set in the computer or do you know how to check them.




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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

It's not getting spark, but there is power going into the distributer.I know theres a loss of connection between the disrtibuter and the plugs I just have no idea where.I'm thinking it could be the modulator or the dist. coil .I don't know how to test either.Engine Compression is fine. As for the codes....I"m clueless. I did check the fuel pump and filter. Neither are the problem. The timing belt is fine too.Starter is fine as well. I did drive thru puddles when the car stopped running. I was parked w/ the car in nuetral and it was sputtering, almost like it would if a vacume hose was disconnected. It shut off and wouldn't resart. I tried popping the clutch with no results and have been stumped ever since. My husband says the car is a waste of time but I'm almost sure its something minute and I'm just overlooking it. All of the fuses are fine as well, checked those first. I thought maybe driving thru water caused a short circuit somewhere in the engine, but its been two days and I assume if that was the problem that it would have dried out by now.



Expert:  Skyvisions replied 8 years ago.

If the cap got wet it will not dry out on its own. Pull the screws out and dry the distributer and the inside of the cap out with a hair dryer. It may take awhile but it will evaporate all the water then see if it starts. If you are certain at that point that everything is dry then we can proceed from there.



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