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Hello, How can I open the fuse box , the one in side the car,

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Hello, How can I open the fuse box , the one in side the car, below the sterring wheel? Please show me direction to do that I need to change one of the fuse.

Hello I will answer your question,


Please tell me the year and model of your toyota

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Sure . it is 2007 camry

If you pull this compartment out you will be able to access the fuse block




The fuse block is located here




If you want to remove the lower panel it is fastened like this




Let me know is you have questions


Thank you

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks George,

I have question here, the Fuse Box has got labled as "Fuse Box" below my Stearing wheel and above the gas lever, inbetween them, when I sit just below my kneees, there is almost 7" long and 2.5 " wide cover which labled as "Fuse box" I need to open that.


while you show me in first diagram to open the compartment around the coin box, which is left to my wheel. How can I open the fuse box which I describe above by opening to this compartment?

In other 2 pictures also it not showing the fuse box at my location.


Please advise.

Are you in the USA? Is this a hybrid?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes, I am in North USA, NJ and it is not hybrid, it is LE with 4 cyl and 4 door.


Please let me know if I can given you more info so that you can give me precise direction from your side.



The location of the fuse block is to the left of the steering column. If you have a location to right of the column (between the gas pedal and the steering column) we need to find out what you are seeing.


The diagram that has the "Instrument panel J/B" is showing the location of the fuse panel for the 2007


This is a diagram for the 2006 camry, is is more familiar?




Let me know

Customer: replied 8 years ago.



2006 diagram is not correct, and my model is 2007 only. The diagram you sent me before for 2007 are matching everything bu the fuse box location.


I am not a car macanic so do not know location of fuse box but in this case below the hood and inside the car, both of them has clearly written on top of the covers "fuses and relay" , and the inside the car one is just near to my knees (When I sit facing to stering wheel). and I heard from some one that it pops out by pressing some lever some where. I need to know the lever location.


Do you think, I still should open the left side compartment you shown, and give a try? How to open that cover? just pull out or any lever?


Please advice.

Are you saying that you can see the box and you just want to swing it down to access the fuses?


This is the box to the left of the steering column?

If you are looking at the fuse box cover the cover just unsnaps from the ends and the fuses are underneath the cover
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes I can see that box, it is not at left to steering column but just few inches below Steering wheel and above the gas lever and break padal, inbetween them, (when I sit facing front at driver seat, just one inch below my kneees), there is almost 7" long and 2.5 " wide cover which labled as "Fuse and realy box".


OK, I can show you perfact location.

when you sent me 3 diagram first time in the 3rd diagram at bottom of page you can see "Lower instrument panel Finish panel LH" that the box I talk about with words "Fuse and realy box" but when I open screw A and B the cover coms out but the Fuse box does not ans it is not a part of the pannel which opens after removing A and B


any advice

When you have the cover off the fuse block you can see the fuses?


Is this a better diagram for you to describe the problem you are having?