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1991 toyota camry: my trans has no reverse, i..whats wrong

Customer Question

my trans has no reverse, i got this 1991 toyota camry as a gift and when i got it it had trans problems but it went in reverse fine but my forward had problems so i changed the fluid the fluid the first night and it helped so the second night i changed the fluid again and the filter and at this point i lost reverse but forward worked fine,,, whats wrong with my trans
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Ironmike replied 8 years ago.
                     Many times with a transaxle or transmission with many miles and little maintenance changing the fluid only hastens the end. With old warn transmissions the fluid holds the warn friction material, when a flush and or filter is changed the clutch or clutches that are excessively warn have no friction material on them or in the fluid. You have plates that are steel on steel trying to grab and move the vehicle, this doesn't work very well. I have seen a few pull in and customers ask for the trans service even after warning them. Pushed or towed away the next day. With maintenance most asian transmission last a long time. A overhaul would cost alot and may exceed the value of your vehicle, you might check out a used unit. Most vehicles demand specific fluid types. I have heard of people with hondas using the wrong fluid and losing the trans in a short time.

Good luck   Mike
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Expert:  Ironmike replied 8 years ago.
            I found some interesting info that might help and save the trans.Date: 1996

Technical Bulletin # XXXXX


Slips or no reverse


Slips in Reverse or No Reverse

A condition of slipping in reverse, or no reverse is usually caused by a failure in the direct (C2), low/reverse CB3) or overrun (CO) clutch. The most common of these clutches to fail is the CO. The operation of this clutch can be checked easily in the vehicle.

[Step 1] Remove the overdrive housing.

[Step 2] Remove the overdrive sprag, then install it backward.

[Step 3] Assemble the overdrive assembly including the housing.

If reverse now works, the problem is with the operation of the CO clutch. The components to check include the sealing rings, overdrive clutch apply seal, piston seals, CO accumulator seals or a mismatch between the drum and planet (refer to bulletin number 42).

NOTE : This information is based on the fact that all forward functions are okay and line pressure in reverse in normal (i.e. 77-172 psi at idle, 2O5-239 psi at full TV,1200 rpm).

Good luck   Mike