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I have a 1994 Toyota pickup with a manual transmission. When

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I have a 1994 Toyota pickup with a manual transmission. When I'm driving in 2nd or 3rd gear with low rpms, there is a grating noise coming from the transmission. I have also heard the noise in other gears, but not often. If I disengage the cluth the noise ceases. If I accelerate, likewise. When I roll through the gears, there is no noise. Only when I am riding in a gear (in low rpms) do I hear it. What could be wrong with the transmission?
Sounds Like one of the bearings inside is going bad. Make sure to check the fluid level is full. There will be a drain directly on the bottom of the trans and a fill on the side. I would drain the fuild and put in some lucas oil treatment in then top off with recommended fluid in your owers manual. I believe it is 80-90 W but check the owners manual to be sure. The lucas oil treatment is a great product and I used it in my T100 for the same issue and no problems since.
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