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What is the cost of replacing the front bumper of a Toyota

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What is the cost of replacing the front bumper of a Toyota Sienna 2008 (parts and labour) in Canadian dollars (I in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)? Thanks, Andrea.
Andrea- This needs to be addressed by a body shop for a proper quote, the pricing you get from any body shop or dealer will vary depending upon what parts need to be replaced, how much paint work is needed, what the shops rate is and what brand parts and paint they use. Typically to paint and replace a front bumper cover on a sienna is around $300 USA dollars just for the work, the bumper cover is several hundred dollars. If this is just paint work it will vary depending upon the severity of the damage, you could upload a picture of the damage here if you want a better opinion.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your quick response. The damage is an actual 1 to 1.5" crack on the bottom of the front bumper. If you look at the bumper straight on, you can't see the crack, just a minor "v" along the lower edge of the bumper. This was a rental vehicle, and is covered under my insurance except, of course, for the $500 deductible. So I'm just weighing whether to pay out of pocket rather than claim it. BTW, I can't think of any incident while I was driving this van that would have caused this crack — are these bumpers easily cracked, or are they considered strong? Thanks, Andrea

No these bumpers are not easily "cracked", usually if they crack it is due to impact or contacting a curb when parking, keep in mind that these vans have to meet strict crash testing regulations, the front end is designed to give under stress. IF the bumper is cracked then the bumper cover will have to be replaced.

Depending on the options I just checked the bumper cost, the part is around $265 USA dollars, so add paint and labor and this is about a $600 repair roughly.

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