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What is the life expectancy of struts and shocks on a low-mileage

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What is the life expectancy of struts and shocks on a low-mileage 2000 Toyota sienna

Thank you for your question. Shock/strut life varies depending on many factors. Please allow me to ask a few questions about you and your vehicle. Are you the original owner of the vehicle?What type of driving do you do most? On what type of road surfaces do you most often travel? What kind of weather conditions is the vehicle in most often (subject to sea air? very cold climates where salt/sand is used on roads in winter? etc...) How many miles does your vehicle have on it?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Here the answers to your questions. The car has 50,000 miles on it. It was purchased as a used car with 8,000 miles on it in 2001. The miles have been in only in Florida and mainly city driving. The surfaces of the road are asphalt, paved roads. I do not have major problems with salt erosion unless you live on the water which I do not. I am generally a slow driver as well giving lots of time to brake, etc.
Thanks so much

Thank you very much, that helps me out a lot. I just have one other question which is, what is the concern you have with the shocks/struts? Have you been told they need to be replaced? If so, by who and why?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
We brought the car in for routine oil change and our mechanic told us that the struts needed changing. He said a one king pin strut had lost all its fluid. He said all the cylinders were worn and needed replacing. We questioned this only because times are tough and business is slow and we have not felt any major change in the cars performance.

There are a lot of misinformation out as to shocks/struts. They can and do leak. If one is leaking to the point that there is an oil trail to the bottom of the shock, yes it should be replaced. That does not condemn all four, only each one individually. You can check the performance of your shocks/struts yourself at home. Front and rear can be checked in the same manner. Simply bounce on the bumper with your knee, pushing down as far as you can. The vehicle should return back up, then settle right away in its normal position. This is normal. If it continues to bounce up/down, then the shock/strut performance is poor, and then should be replaced. Toyota vehicles have very little problems with performance of the shocks/struts. They normally are only replaced if they begin to leak. It is normally at very high mileage that the performance deteriorates. If you need to replace one because of leakage, you do not need to replace the other one on that axle as long as it is performing properly.

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