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What is the ignition timing setting on a 94 hilux pickup with 3.0 v6

Customer Question

what is the ignition timing setting on a 94 hilux pickup with 3.0 v6
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Toyotapro replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for using just answer. TO properly set timing with a timing light on this vehicle the vehicle must be at proper operating temperature and speed, once this is reached you must jump terminals TE1 and E1 before setting the timing. For a better visual description read the 4th page of the download I have posted below:



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks Peter, i couldn't remember what the timing needed to be set at i replaced head gaskets and rebuilt top end 2 yrs ago, just had truck at dealership and was wheelbarreled for a bunch of work i dont feel truck needed, i sent it in to reinstall gas tank, i twisted feed line off at the fuel pump braket and i could not get steel line out of plastic line, i replaced fuel pump and bracket in tank sent it to dealership to remove and reinstall tank, dealership did this but said truck had a miss in it, i backed truck in garage shut it off next morning would not start, i determined fuel pump was bad that was when i removed tank and twisted line. the dealership tried to say i had burnt valves, i laughed and told them the heads were rebuilt 2 years earlier they said it looked like only 1 head had been worked in told them that i had just changed d/s valve cover gasket and cleaned the outside of the head up thats why they were saying this, the dealership then said they wanted to check some more things, next they said they found air intake tube from air cleaner to throttle was craked causing problem ordered part charged me $100 for part $100 to install it(2 hose clampes) still did not fix problem, then they said it jumped time also said timing belt was installed backwards which caused it to jump time, i changed belt and tensioners when i did the heads but i told them to replace belt( belt hand no teeth tore or missing and was not cracked anywhere, i think the tech messed with the timing to cause the problems because all the truck needed was the fuel pump replaced which i did so the tech was only going to get paid for reinstalling the tank, when i got truck back the distributor was not set where it had been before i sent it too dealership, i have had to adjust it to get it to stop pinging and so it would start right when hot, like i said i got it close by ear but the setting is way off , which i think the same dealership got the distributor in wrong when the truck was there previously for a ecm replacement when they tired to replace distributor but it did not fix problem and they found ecm was bad so thats why i had to find tdc on#1 compression stroke and low and behold the distributor was a tooth off i fixed that now i want to set timing correctly your info about 10btdc is what i needed to know i hope all my problems are finelly fixed its a good ole truck 216000 miles dont smoke and uses less than 1/2 qt oil between oil changes i drive it every day to and from work. Again i appreciate your information and if i have any more problems i know where to come too first. have a good day. thanks jeff
Expert:  Toyotapro replied 8 years ago.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX great day!