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1994 Toyota corolla: What is involved in changing the timing belt

Resolved Question:

My daughter has a 1994 Toyota Corrolla with 200000kms. I understand that the timing belt is due to be changed. What is involved in changing the timing belt?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  AutoTech08 replied 8 years ago.

Hi there,


Removal (1993-97 Corolla)

1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove right front wheel and engine undercover. Lower vehicle.

2. Remove windshield washer tank. Remove cruise control actuator from right side of engine compartment. Loosen water pump pulley bolts, then remove all accessory drive belts. Remove water pump pulley. Remove valve cover.

3. On models with A/C, remove A/C compressor from mount bracket with hoses attached, and set aside. Remove A/C compressor mount bracket from engine.

4. On all models, disconnect engine wiring harness from upper timing belt cover. Rotate crankshaft so that No. 1 cylinder is at TDC of compression stroke. Notch in crankshaft pulley must align with "0" timing mark on timing belt cover.

5. Remove upper timing belt cover. With No. 1 cylinder at TDC, hole in camshaft sprocket must align with mark on bearing cap.




6. Support weight of engine with a floor jack. Remove engine mount at timing belt end of engine.

7. Remove crankshaft pulley bolt. Using gear puller, remove crankshaft pulley. Remove center and lower timing belt covers. Remove timing belt guide (large washer) from crankshaft sprocket.

8. If reusing timing belt, mark direction of rotation on timing belt. Match mark timing belt with marks on both sprockets for installation reference.




Place arrow on belt to indicate original direction of rotation.

9. Loosen idler pulley (tensioner) bolt. Push idler pulley as far to the left as possible, and snug tighten bolt. Remove timing belt.


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Book time for repair is slightly more than 3 hours depending on model.

Parts range from $ 160 to $ 300 hundred depending on whether oil seals and water pump are to be replaced and model. These are estimated quotes and might not be applicable for your area.


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