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Toyota: 22re..I set the timing to spects..high idle

Resolved Question:

I just replaced the 22re engine in my toyota 4-runner. I set the timing to spects. The engine has an excessive high idle. What would cause this?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Daves22 replied 8 years ago.
WelcomeCustomerThanks for being a justanswer customer Dave
  1. When setting the idle speed make sure that:
    1. Air cleaner is installed.
    2. All vacuum hoses are connected.
    3. Make sure that all fuel injection wiring connectors are fully plugged in.
    4. Engine should be at normal operating temperature.
    5. All accessories should be turned off and the transmission in neutral.
Connect a tachometer to the coil negative terminal.
Note: You can also pick up the tach signal from the IG- terminal of DLC1, if equipped.

NOTE: Never allow the tachometer terminal to contact a ground as this could cause damage to the ignition system. Some tachometers are not compatable with this ignition system, so please confirm the compatibility of your tachometer before connecting to vehicle.

  1. Run engine at 2,500 rpm for about 2 minutes.
  1. Set the idle speed by turning the idle speed adjustment screw. IDLE SPEED: M/T: 750 rpm A/T: 850 rpm
  2. Remove tachometer.

  1. Start engine and allow to reach normal operating temperature.
  2. Connect a tachometer test probe to terminal IG of the check connector, Fig. 210
NOTE: Never let the tachometer lead touch ground as this could cause damage to the igniter and/or coil. Be sure to check that your tachometer is compatible with this ignition system. Consult the operating manual for your instrument.
  1. Using a service wire, connect terminals T and E1 of the check connector, Fig. 220
  2. Check idle speed.
Idle Speed: 750 rpm
  1. Using timing light, verify that the timing mark on timing cover is aligned with the mark on the crankshaft pulley, Fig. 221
Ignition Timing: 5°BTDC at idle
  1. Tighten the distributor bolt and recheck the ignition timing.
  2. Remove service wire.
  3. Check idle advance timing with service wire removed.
Ignition Timing: 10 - 14°BTDC at idle
  1. Disconnect tachometer and timing light from engine.
  2. Check idle speed and adjust if necessary, (Refer to adjustment procedure).


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