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2004 toyota sienna: transmission fluid..leaking..000 miles..maintained

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It looks like transmission fluid is leaking in my 2004 toyota siena (it only has 77,000 miles!). We have maintained it properly. Is this normal?
Where exactly is the leak coming from on the transmission?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

well....the mechanic spoke with my husband & he isn't too clear on this. The mechanic said that these cars don't have gaskets but the transmission is in three pieces & the lubrication is leaking into the engine.


Does that make any sense at all?

No that does not make sense. One other thing I should have asked, is this an al wheel drive model or just a standard Sienna? There were some common problems with the all wheel drive models. Leaking into the engine????? Is this a toyota dealer or a back-woods mechanic?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

It's just a standard model. It is a toyota dealer. Unfotunately, my husband did not understand what the mechanic was telling him.....


If I get more information tomorrow from the mechanic, can I email you then?

You need to clarify. I have seen very few issues with these transmisions, they use them in the Sienna, Highlander, Lexus Rx330, etc.....this is a very large production unit and has had very few problems. $2000 is very can almost pay for a transmission replacement for that, I need to know exactly what you were told or what you were quoted. I would recommend a second opinion from a different dealer if you have not noitced fluid leaking from the transmission on your garage floor. Are you sure that the leak is transmission fluid and not from the engine (engine oil)???
Yes you can reply back to this tomorrow if you would like, I check my messages a few times a day and am on-line all evening.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Me again...All toyota told me was the the case & the pan are leaking. They have to fix, reseal & realign the transmission. They said it doesn't leak cause it's a pressurized system & will only leak when it's being driven.


Does this help?




Ok thanks, XXXXX XXXXX is some help. I have never seen a "case"leak. A pan gasket yes..sometimes but this is only a minor thing and about $200 to repair that. The case....they need to give you more specific information on this, I have never seen this in my region (southeast) and in my opinion you would be better off just replacing the transmission at that mileage rather then have them seperate the transmission and reseal it. I would recommend you speak with the service manager and see if they will "goodwill" the repair or at least do a 50/50 split with toyota.
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