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1985 cressida: shaft..the soil seal/ and bearing..pinion

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1985 cressida. How do I get the side gear shaft out to replace the soil seal/ and bearing? Does the drive pinion gear have to come out first? If so does it come out from the front or the back?
are you needing to replace the bearing in the differential or the bearing on th eaxle?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the bearing in the diffential
you will need to remove the diff. assembly and you will at least have to check your backlash. i have done a few of these myself and have not had an issue with backlash. after reassembly i was very close to the tolerance and did not need to make any adjustments
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok so do I start with the drive pinion ? and soes that come out from the front of the carrier?

Fig. 1 Exploded view of removable type carrier differential

  1. Loosen staked flange of pinion nut, then hold companion flange with SSTNNN-NN-NNNNand remove pinion nut and washer, Fig. 1.
  2. Using tool No. SST-09557-22021, remove companion flange.
  3. Using tool No. SST-09308-10010, remove oil seal.
  4. Remove oil slinger.
  5. Remove front bearing, using tool No. SST-09556-22010 for 6.7 in. axle and SST-09556-30010 for 7.5 in. axle.
  6. Punch alignment marks on bearing caps and carrier to prevent intermixing left and right bearing caps.

Fig. 2 Differential Case Removal

  1. Remove following parts, Fig. 2:
    1. Lock plate mounting nut (1).
    2. Lock plate (2).
    3. Bearing cap mounting bolt (3).
    4. Bearing cap (4).
    5. Adjusting nut (5).
  1. Remove differential case together with bearing cups.
  2. Remove drive pinion and spacer.
  3. Remove front and rear bearing cups with tool No. SST-09608-30011. Tool No. SST-09608-30030 must also be used on 6.7 in. axle.
  4. Remove drive pinion rear bearing using suitable puller, use care not to deform the plate washer used to adjust pinion extension.
  5. Remove side bearings from differential case using suitable puller.
  6. Remove ring gear set bolts and lock plates, then separate ring gear from case by lightly tapping outer perimeter of ring gear with a soft faced mallet.
  7. Disassemble differential case as follows:
    1. Drive out straight pin toward the ring gear mounting surface.
    2. Push out pinion shaft, and take out differential pinions, differential side gears, and thrust washers.






  1. Assemble differential case as follows:
    1. Assemble side gears and thrust washers, with oil groove side positioned toward side gear, into differential case.
    2. Assemble differential pinions, and insert pinion shaft with straight pin holes aligned. Install straight pin after completing side gear backlash adjustment.
  1. Adjust the differential side gear backlash.

Fig. 3 Differential Side Gear Backlash Measurement

  1. Place the dial gauge spindle against side gear tooth tip, and while holding one pinion fixed, measure backlash by moving side gear, Fig. 3. Backlash should be .0020-.0079 in. (.05-.20 mm).

Fig. 4 Side gear thrust washer identification. Celica, Cressida

  1. If required, adjust backlash by installing replacement thrust washers. If possible, select washers of equal thickness for each side, Fig. 4.
      1. Cut off hexagon head from a separate ring gear set bolt, form a screwdriver slot on cut end, then screw bolt into gear to serve as guide pin for ring gear.
      2. Heat ring gear to around 194°to 230°F, and quickly fit into case.
      3. Screw on bolts over lock plates. Torque bolts to 66.5-76 ft. lbs. (9.2-10.5 Kg-m).
      4. Lock bolts by prying up lock plate lips.
    1. Install bearing cups into differential carrier with tool No. SST-09608-30011. Tool No. SST-09608-30030 must be used to press in rear bearing cup on 6.7 in axle.
    2. Mount pinion assembly in housing, then install front bearing and companion flange on pinion. Bearing spacer, oil slinger and seal are installed after assembly adjustments have been performed.

Fig. 5 Companion Flange Replacement

    1. Press companion flange onto pinion using SST 09557-22022 or equivalent, Fig. 5, then install washer and nut.

Fig. 6 Preload (rotating Torque) Measurement

    1. Hold companion flange and tighten pinion nut to obtain specified preload. To prevent bearing damage, tighten nut in small increments, checking preload with torque wrench between each adjustment, Fig. 6.
    2. Install the differential case on the carrier.
      1. Assemble differential case, together with bearing cups, on carrier.
      2. Assemble adjusting nuts, making sure to fit threads on properly.
      3. Assemble bearing caps, and tighten bolts until spring washers just begin to take effect.
      4. Screw in adjusting nuts at both sides with tool No. SST-09504-00011 until bearing cups are properly seated in carrier.
      5. Tighten adjuster on rear side of ring gear until backlash is approximately 0.008 inch, then securely tighten adjuster on face side of ring gear and recheck backlash. If tightening adjuster increases backlash, loosen nut until original backlash is restored.

Fig. 7 Differential Bearing Preload Adjustment. Models w/removable Carrier

      1. Mount dial indicator with pointer against race of bearing opposite ring gear face, Fig. 7.
      2. Adjust for zero preload by tightening adjuster nut on gear face side until indicator needle just begins to move, then tighten nut an additional 1 to 1-1/2 notches to set preload.

Fig. 8 Ring Gear & Pinion Backlash Adjustment. Models w/removable Carrier

      1. Adjust ring gear backlash, Fig. 8, to 0.0051-0.0071 inch by turning both adjusters equal amounts in opposite directions. Adjusters must be turned equally to maintain bearing preload.
      2. Torque bearing cap bolts to 58 ft. lbs., then ensure backlash is still within specifications.

Fig. 6 Preload (rotating Torque) Measurement

      1. Measure total assembly preload with torque wrench, Fig. 6. If total preload is not greater than pinion preload by 2.6-4.3 inch lbs. on Celica and Supra, or 3.5-5.3 inch lbs. on Cressida, recheck differential installation.
    1. Coat several ring gear teeth at 3 evenly spaced locations with lead marking compound.

Fig. 9 Ring gear and pinion tooth contact inspection

    1. Hold companion flange to place drag on assembly, rotate ring gear in both directions and inspect tooth contact pattern, Fig. 9.
    2. Remove differential and pinion assemblies from carrier.

Fig. 10 Drive pinion washer identification. Celica, Cressida

    1. If tooth contact is incorrect, replace washer between rear bearing and pinion with one that will provide proper contact, Fig. 10. If pinion depth adjustment is necessary, repeat steps 7-14 until proper contact has been obtained.
    2. Install selected thrust washer and press rear bearing onto pinion, then mount pinion assembly in carrier.
    3. Install new bearing spacer, front bearing and oil slinger on pinion shaft.

Fig. 11 Pinion Seal Installation

    1. Install oil seal to a depth of 0.157 inch on Celica and Supra, or 0.039 inch on Cressida, using a suitable driver, Fig. 11.

Fig. 5 Companion Flange Replacement

    1. Press companion flange onto pinion with SST 09557-22022, Fig. 5.
    2. Install washer and new pinion nut, hold companion flange and torque nut to 80 ft. lbs.

Fig. 6 Preload (rotating Torque) Measurement

    1. Measure pinion preload, Fig. 6. If preload is greater than specified, replace bearing spacer. If preload is less than specified, continue tightening nut 5-10°at a time until specified preload is obtained. If maximum torque of 174 ft. lbs. is exceeded when tightening nut, replace bearing spacer and repeat procedure. Do not back-off on nut to reduce torque or preload.
    2. Ensure that companion flange runout is less than 0.004 inch, then stake pinion nut.
    3. Install differential assembly and adjust preload and backlash as outlined in step 10.
    4. Ensure that total assembly preload is within specifications.
    5. Select and install adjusting nut locks and torque lock retaining bolts to 9 ft. lbs.




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