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Toyota Corolla: the drive shaft bolt..000 miles..torque

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The Toyota Corolla 2008 manual indicates that the "drive shaft bolt" should be tightened each 15,000 miles. I would like a diagram showing where the bolt is located, the procedure for accessing the bolt, and the proper torque in ft/lbs.


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That is a general CYA statement. They are referring to the main axle shaft nut. It is a 12 point nut and they are staked to the key way cut out in the axle shaft. Click on the link below for the torque info if you feel like you want to torque it.



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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
It is hard to imagine the statement in the manual "TIGHTEN the DRIVE shaft BOLT" is supposed to be interpreted as "INSTALL FRONT AXLE shaft LH NUT"?

Does this LH mean lefthand, or are we talking about both axle shaft nutS.

Assuming for the moment that "these\this are\is the correct NUT\S", as opposed to "this is the correct bolt" ...

The diagram illustrates installing a NEW hub LH nut on a NEW drive shaft.

What is the procedure for accessing\tightening the nut? Since it is staked, how is it removed\adjusted? Is it supposed to be replaced?

The only way to get the picture of the axle nut is to give you the instructions and picture of the axle shaft removal. Obviously you don't do anything with the axle shaft or hub, it was just a nice illustration of the axle nut itself that is what the manual is referring to. If you truly wanted to re torque it you need to un stake the nut and loosen it with a breaker bar then re torque it. There is one on each side. Frankly they never come loosen and you should never have to worry about it. Theoretically they could become loose as the bearings wear. The nut is accessable bu removing the hub cap if you have alloy wheels the wheel will need removed.

I hope this clears things up.

If you need anything else regarding this let me know.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to RXXXXX XXXXX's Post: Hi Randy,

That does clear things up nicely, except for one detail that you implied but I would like to verify.

Is the nut supposed to be REPLACED or just RE-USED?

If you attempt to take the nut all the way off and do not get it unstaked cleanly it can mess the nut up and possibly the threads on the shaft. If this happens replace the nut. If you get the nut unstaked cleanly and just break it loose to re tighten to check the torque I would re use the nut and just restake it.


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