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2000 toyota celica gts: 000 miles..low rpm..No power after shifting

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2000 toyota celica gts 33,000 miles. Engine seems like its suffocating at low rpm. No power after shifting into each gear. runs good once its moving

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  1. Has the check engine lamp come on since the problem began?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes the engine light came on and I took car to Auto Zone and they hooked up to computer thing and it said to do tuneup which we did but is still not right

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX about 500 different engine performance codes that can be set by the engine computer, 1/2 of those pertaining to ignition, air and fuel problems. Rarely will a simple tune up (replacing spark plugs, fuel filter, etc) take care of these code(s). At such a low mileage it sounds like you may have a Ignition malfunction or MAF sensor concern. I would need the exact code number to be sure what area of the engine is failing. If the check engine light has been cleared and has not returned yet, you'll need to drive it some more before the lamp re illuminates and you can get these codes, but if it is still on, they can pull them again. From your description of the problem it sure sounds like a MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) failure, but since the check engine lamp illumination takes priority on diagnostics, I would need those codes first before we could proceed.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I am not sure which numbers you need as far as codes but I also wanted to say that when they put the computer on my car the light had gone out when I pulled into parking lot but it still gave results. There are 2 slips which I got from them and the first has a troubleshooting P0172. The second is P0300. After having the car tested the light was off but came back on the next day. My mechanic changed the sparkplugs a few days later but in the mean time the light came back on. Since he changed the plugs the light has not come back on but the car is still not running right. My mechanic said that it is missing at low rpms. The car is fine at idle. It misses when starting out from stop and when shifting. Hope this helps to pinpoint the problem. If the numbers I provided are not the right ones that you need please let me know.

Thanks...P0172 indicates the engine is running too rich (too much fuel, low engine compression, etc). P0300 is a code stating a randome missfire is happening to two or more engine cylinders. Both codes are commonly the result of a faulty MAF sensor. You may have a ruptured fuel pressure regulator, so the fuel pressure should be tested first. Also, I've had luck cleaning these MAF's as well, you can remove it from the air cleaner housing vis the two tamperproof screws, than using MAF or nonresidue electrical cleaner you can spray down the 3 tiny sensor wires. If the code returns, I would replace the MAF and see if problem continues. The MAF is correctly tested through the use of an automotive lab scope.

MAF location:


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
RIP I am sorry it took so long I got sick and didn't get a chance to have the car looked at till this past weekend. My son took off the MAS and it was definitely dirty. He cleaned as you suggested and it does run better but still not right. I am considering buying a new MAS since he is not sure if he got it as clean as should be. Thank you for your help.
Thanks for the ACCEPT :) If it seems better with the MAF cleaning, make sure both battery cables are disconnected for about 20 minutes to reset the engine computer and be sure he used only MAF cleaner or non-residue electrical cleaner. If you can't get a hold of those, use brake cleaner...any type of residue cleaner will take the dirt off, but leave an invisible film on the sensor, further causing it to still read incorrectly. By disconecting the battery and waiting the time period the engine's computer will reset it's learned adaptives and start again at default which will help rid of any minor imperfections in the performance. Let me know if you still have any trouble with this.