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2000 Toyota Celica with alarm trouble

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Hi my daughter has a 2000 Toyota Celica and is having problems with the car alarm. She is a college student and we live in different states and I'm trying to help her long distance in an economical way as we just paid out a large sum in another repair. Occasionally when you try to start the car the alarm will sound and then she cannot shut it off. It won't go off with the remote and she can't start the car when the alarm is on. It's not the battery in the remote because that has been replaced. We need to know either how to repair it, reset it, or if we could just have it removed and whether that would effect the electrical on anything else in the car--what is your advice? We need the most economical way to fix this and honestly the Toyota garage has been very expensive even for the diagnostic which they require befor any estimate or recommendation.

Brenda Deily

Hi Brenda and welcome to JustAnswer,

I can tell you how to put the alarm in valet mode, which will disable the alarm.

The valet switch is usually located in the lower left kickpanel. Start off by turning the key on, then flip the valet switch the other way. If done correctly, the alarm LED will light up solid. Turn the key off.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to WFMtoyota's Post: Hello!

Thank-you for your answer--I have little knowledge about cars and my daughter has the car in another state so I can't look at it--could you tell me where the lower left kickpanel is?


No problem.

The lower left kick panel is where the left foot would be resting. There's a panel next to the left foot area. Look for a toggle switch in that area.


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