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Toyotaman, Toyota Technician
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Front shock absorber replacement.

Resolved Question:

Front shock absorber replacement.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Toyotaman replied 10 years ago.

These are Mcphereson struts in the front, not just shockks and they require a large spring compressor to take them apart and they can be very dangerous.

  1. Raise and support vehicle, then remove front wheels.
  2. Remove brake caliper and support with wire, then the fender liner, engine undercover and front wheel opening moulding, Fig. 8.
  3. On 1993 models, remove fender liner, engine under cover and front wheel opening molding,
  4. On 1994-96 models, remove the fender splash shield,
  5. Remove windshield washer fluid reservoir and move away from body, then disconnect speed sensor from steering knuckle.
  6. Remove three bolts and disconnect speed sensor electrical harness clamps.
  7. Remove plug from support on strut tower, then loosen locknut in middle of suspension support. Do not remove nut at this time.
  8. Disconnect upper suspension arm from member and support with wire.
  9. Disconnect shock absorber from lower suspension arm, remove upper shock absorber nuts, then the shock absorber from vehicle.
  10. Using coil spring tool No. 09727-30020 or equivalent, compress the coil spring.
  11. Remove suspension support center nut.
  12. Remove suspension support, coil spring and spring bumper.
  13. Remove insulator from suspension support.
  14. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:

  1. When installing insulator, match bolt of suspension support with cut-out part of insulator.
  2. Install lower end of coil spring into gap of spring seat of shock absorber.

  1. After installing suspension support on rod, turn suspension support so that one of the bolts on suspension support faces in same direction as shown in. Align bolt so that a line drawn between rod and bolt would be 90°to direction of lower bushing.
  2. Prior to completely tightening upper suspension arm and lower shock absorber bolt, stabilize suspension by installing wheels and bouncing vehicle up and down several times then tighten upper suspension arm and lower shock absorber bolts.
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