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BMW Z4 Problems

What is a BMW Z4?

BMW makes various different kinds of cars and the Z4 is among the top of the line of sports cars available. The BMW Z4 combines the company’s legendary engineering expertise with the high performance that is expected of a true sports car. Like all sophisticated machinery, the Z4 can develop problems. Experts on JustAnswer have provided a large number of people with the solution to their BMW Z4 problems and answers to some of the most common questions.

Can 17 inch style 158 wheels fit on a BMW Z4 3.5i M sport when it originally calls for a style 290?

Usually a small change in the offset will normally make very little difference and since more offset is usually better than less, fitting style 158 wheels is a move in the right direction. Just ensure that the wheel rim width is not more than the current wheels as this, along with the greater offset could create problems with wheel arch to rim clearance.

Is it normal for tires on a BMW Z4 to wear uneven after only 30,000 miles?.

It could be that the car has too much camber which is not uncommon with BWMs. A proper wheel alignment with as close to a neutral camber (a completely neutral camber is very hard to achieve) as possible should rectify the problem. BMWs usually have a bit of camber as the tires straighten out at high speed. Also high performance tires tend to wear more quickly and it is possible that the tires you have are rated for very high speeds so they will wear faster. Another option could be to switch to U or H rated All-Season tires, which tend to last longer.

If a door lock actuator on a BMW Z4 needs replaced on a passenger door that has a airbag, does the door lock need disarmed, if so how would this be done?

The airbag must be deactivated before the door panel is opened. All you need to do is disconnect the car battery before starting work – this will disarm the airbag. Connect the battery only when you have finished all the work. A set of trim removal tools will make removing the panel easier, but you should be able to manage okay with a few flat bladed tools.

If the top of 2003 BMW Z4 convertible will not go down, the movement starts but the just stops, is there a simple fix that can be done?

The convertible top on a BMW Z4 uses a very complex system that involves a control module, multiple sensors and a hydraulic motor. The complexity of the system means that there are numerous possible causes for the problem you are facing. If the top unlatches the locks on the windshield but the movement then stops, the problem could be with the hydraulic motor as BMW did have a problem with water ingress affecting hydraulic performance. Another likely cause is a defective sensor. I would suggest that you take your car to the dealer and get it checked. With the complexity of the roof system, any trial and error method could cause further damage.

Can aftermarket doors that open vertically fit a BMW Z4 hardtop?

It is usually recommended to not replace these doors with aftermarket. Door fitment and durability are tricky issues and unless the doors are 100% made for your specific model by a reputed manufacturer you could be risking all kinds of future problem. The BMW Z4 is a highly engineered and a complex piece of machinery. Any mistakes in troubleshooting or fitting even genuine BMW z4 parts or accessories can cause damage to the car and affect its safety. The owner’s manual is the best source for help in dealing with Z4 issues but if the information you need is not available, getting the assistance of Experts is the best thing to do.
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