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Jaguar XK Troubleshooting & Repair

Are you having trouble unlocking your Jaguar XK without the keys? Or, do you need help replacing the brake pads in your car? When questions such as these arise, they are often associated with problems that need an immediate repair. This is where getting in touch with an Expert can serve as the best possible solution.

Read below where Experts have provided answers to your various questions about Jaguar XK issues and troubleshooting.

How to change the brake pads on a Jaguar XK?

For removal:

  • Raise the vehicle on a jack stand and support it using safety stands.
  • Then, remove the parking brake tension cable.
  • Next, take out the rear wheels and the left hand side anti-rattle spring.
  • Then, unbolt the two clips and detach the left hand brake caliper.
  • Repeat the process for removing the right hand brake caliper.
  • Finally, take out the brake pads.

For installation:

  • Use brake cleaning fluid to clean the caliper housings and anchor plates.
  • Then, replace the brake caliper piston.
  • Next, reseat the inboard brake pad in the clip and position the outboard pad.
  • Install the left hand brake caliper followed by replacing the anti-rattle spring.
  • Finally, reinstall the rear wheels and tires.

How to fix a headlamp on a Jaguar XK that quit working?

  • First, check the connectors inside the lamp for any loose pins.
  • Then, verify if there is proper ground and power to the headlamp. If not, the Central or Aux fuse junction box could be at fault.
  • Next, start the engine and turn on the headlamp and the main beam.
  • Check for power on pin 8 on the orange/yellow wire and pin 10 on the red/blue wire.
  • Finally, make sure there is good ground on pin 9 and 11 on both the black wires.

In case none of these work, the headlamp itself could be faulty that will need replaced.

How to remove the front bumper cover on a Jaguar XK?

  • First, lift the vehicle and support it.
  • Then, take out the radiator splash shield.
  • Next, detach the headlamp and its assembly.
  • Unbolt the four torx screws to separate the front of the fender splash shield.
  • Then, unscrew the 12 bolts and release the three clips to the bumper.
  • Finally, disconnect the two connectors and remove the bumper cover.

How to replace the A/C drain tube on a Jaguar XK?

For removal:

  • Take out the instrument panel.
  • Then, remove the carpet and detach the foot well lamp holders.
  • Then, unplug the electrical connectors and take out the four nuts.
  • Next, remove the bolt attached to the heater and the evaporator core housing to access the drain tube.
  • Separate the tube from the back of the heater unit and the bulkhead.
  • Finally, using long-nose pliers, remove the plastic peg touching the drain tube.

For installation:

  • Fit a new drain tube into the bulkhead.
  • Then, install a suitable hose into the tube.
  • Next, pour a small amount of water into the drain tube.
  • Check if there is water at the bottom side of the vehicle.
  • If so, tighten the bolts and reconnect the electrical connectors.
  • Then, reinsert the foot well lamp holders.
  • Finally, replace the carpet.

How to calibrate a parking brake system on a Jaguar XK?

  • First, unplug the battery from the vehicle for 30 seconds. This will allow you to calibrate the system.
  • Then, put the gear selector lever in the ‘Park’ position.
  • Next, place the ignition status to ‘On.’
  • Then, press and hold the foot brake for a while to pull up the parking brake switch.
  • Hold down the foot brake again to release it.
  • Finally, press down the parking brake switch to calibrate the system.

How to remove the glove compartment from a Jaguar XK?

  • Unbolt the three clips retaining the instrument panel end trim panel.
  • Then, remove the panel.
  • Next, detach the three clips attached to the passenger side foot well trim panel to remove it.
  • Then, unbolt the five torx screws followed by removing the two clips to unfasten the glove compartment.
  • Finally, unplug the electrical connectors to the compartment and remove the glove.

What can cause a Jaguar XK to get locked with the key fob inside?

A faulty keyless module or a defective cable or latch mechanism can likely cause this issue. First, lower the driver window and put the key inside the vehicle. Then, close all the doors and push the lock button in the handle. Finally, check if the vehicle locks. If not, it might indicate a latch or linkage problem that will need replaced. Alternatively, the module or the programming could be at fault that will need a repair.

Many times, Jaguar XK owners face problems running their vehicle. When this happens, they are in need of instant help from Experts to get back to normal working condition. In such a situation, contacting a professional for a quick reliable solution is highly essential. Verified Experts are always there to help you solve your problems with effective troubleshooting from the comfort of your home. 

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