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Jaguar XF Luxury Related Questions

The Jaguar XF Luxury is a high-end executive car brought out by British car manufacturer Jaguar. The Jaguar XF was launched in April 2011 with a variety of models with different codes depending on the country of use. Many times when a car owner faces problems with the mechanics of the vehicle, there may be questions that one may not know the answers to. Here are some of the frequently answered questions by Experts on Jaguar XF Luxury cars.

What could cause a “Gearbox faulty” message in a Jaguar XF Luxury car after reprogramming and replacing the gearshift module?

(Case Details: A Jaguar XF has a fault code U101A, U0402, B1087, P084F appearing with the speedometer displaying “Gearbox faulty” message. The car does not move at all even after replacing the gearshift module and reprogramming being done. What could the problem be?) This is a problem where only a Jaguar factory tool will need to be used to do a reprogramming of the TCM (Transmission Control Mode). In a situation like this, it could possibly be the Transmission Control Module (TCM) causing the faulty message. The TCM is part of the valve inside the transmission. The TCM is part of the valve and the transmission fluid pan will need to be taken off and the unit replaced. In order to fix the problem correctly, a special tool only available through a Jaguar factory will be needed to replace it and reprogrammed.

How can the brake pads on a 2009 Jaguar XF be replaced and the electric parking brake be reset? Brake pads need to be replaced on a 2009 Jaguar XF. Is there any specific action that needs to be performed for this vehicle? Also, how does one reset the electronic parking brake?

To replace the brake pads a special tool which applies pressure to turn the rear brake calliper pistons in a clockwise direction is required. After this, resetting of the electronic parking brake needs to be done by pumping up the pedal and disconnecting the negative battery terminal for about ten minutes. The cable then needs to be reconnected, engine started and the pedal pumped for around ten times. This then needs to be held down and the parking brake switch pulled up which should solve the problem. What could cause a fuel range indicator on a diesel Jaguar XF to read a different MPG than the trip indicator? The fuel range indicator of a Jaguar XF 2.7 diesel reads 137 miles of fuel remaining at the beginning of a journey. On resetting this is confirmed, but after traveling a distance of 27 miles, the trip reads 27 miles traveled at 30.1 miles /gallon with 70 miles of fuel left indicating that 67 miles worth of fuel was used up at an average of 11 miles per gallon. What could be wrong here? In this case, the basis for dte (distance till empty) is on fuel left at the previously measured average which was arrived at using a more fuel efficient consumption. When the car is then run using a poorer urban average the dte is moved closer to zero increasingly faster. This is not indicating that 67 miles worth of fuel was used up for 27 miles, but rather stating that the starting dte of 137 miles was high at the start and now needs to be corrected. There are two things that could be the factor- The computer system computes the range using past driving averages on each fill up if the meter is not reset. When resetting the meter, the computations are only figured by calculations with no prior data that would be the average economy. Second, in short term memory, the total range is deducted from the actual fill volume and previous number of internally calculated averages.

If the brake pad light is on after replacing the sensor on a Jaguar XF-should the vehicle only be taken to a Jaguar dealer to have the sensor reset? Is it imperative to take a Jaguar XF car only to a dealer to have the brake sensor replaced?

If the connection is cut due to the brakes wearing through the sensors, in most cases , both the front and rear pads and sensors need to be replaced and reset. Usually the warning will automatically reset itself once all sensors are replaced. However, it is not required for one to take a Jaguar car to a brand dealer to fit a new brake sensor. It normally can be replaced by any qualified mechanic.

Can a transmission cause a Jaguar XF 2010 model to tremble and not accelerate properly? What needs to be done?

The Jaguar XF normally does not run into problems with transmissions. Have a local dealer conduct some tests on all the systems to pinpoint the problem will be a good start. A quality and level check of the transmission fluid and its level needs to be performed. A TCM reprogramming can also be conducted to help solve the problem.

Ideally, how long should the rear discs of a Jaguar XF last? The car has done 18000mls and the low pad warning was displayed.

Ideally, the rear brake discs should last for as long, as or longer than the time when the first or even second brake pad replacement takes place. It is however unlikely that these would be worn out on completion of only 18000mls unless the brake pads were first worn out totally which then ground into the discs. Another possible reason could be if the discs are warped, thereby resulting in the car to vibrate when brakes are applied.

A 2008 model Jaguar XF touch screen radio has frozen at the Jaguar image, the radio won't work but the heater does. Is there a “re-boot” function or is this likely to be a 'computer' failure?

It is possible that one of the infotainment modules has become defective which means that to rectify the problem, the screen would need reprogramming. Sometimes this could also happen due to low battery voltage or some water leaking into the front left hand carpet. Disconnecting the negative battery terminal for about ten minutes sometimes resolves the problem. For reprogramming though, the car will need to be taken to a local dealer as only dealers will have the necessary tools to pinpoint the problem.

What could cause a Jaguar 2010 XF Luxury to make a chirping noise at cold start-up, that generally goes away after 1-2 minute warm-up?

It is possible that the noise is because of a drive belt problem and the belt and/or the idler pulley need replacing. Sometimes coolant leaking from the thermostat housing onto the belt could also be the cause for the noise. The Jaguar XF Luxury may be a high-end luxury car but could also run into problems, some of which may be minor but puzzling to the owner. At such times asking questions to an Expert for clarifications is easy, and can often save time and money.
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