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BMW X3 Problems

What is the BMW X3?

BMW is renowned as a manufacturer of quality sedans, sports cars and SUVs. The BMW X3 is the first of its crossover vehicles offering an effective balance between the sedan and SUV. It provides the kind of driving experience you would expect from a BMW road car combined with the off road abilities of and SUV. BMW X3s, like all vehicles from this company, are highly engineered precision products. Experts on JustAnswer have helped a very large number of BMW X3 owners trouble shoot problems and find the right solution.

My 2005 BMW X3 started misfiring 2 weeks ago. I had a new coil and air inlet on cylinder 1 fitted and the car was fine. The same problem has started again and each time the local mechanic clears the fault the car runs fine for a while after which the misfiring starts again. What should I do?

Begin by checking the condition of each of the sparkplugs. If they are okay, keep the engine running and spray some water on the coil packs. If the coil is faulty and causing the misfire, you will see sparks arcing along the water. If the coils are okay, check the condition of the injector plugs and connection with a “noid” light to see if an injector is not firing properly. Next remove all the connections to the engine one at a time to see if there is damage, corrosion or dirt. Use a little contact cleaner (not WD40) for to clean. If the misfire remains, it could be caused by an air leak after the airflow meter (so the meter will not detect it) which will cause the engine to run lean and misfire. You will need to check all the hose clips for tightness and the trunking and vacuum system for cracks and leaks. The best way to do this is by leaving the engine on and spraying lighter gas around each area in turn. When the engine revs up because of the intake of the gas, you have found the leak.

I can’t decide if I should buy a 2012 BMW X3 or save some money by buying a 2011 model in excellent condition. What are the differences in the two models?

There is nothing to choose between the two. Except for the price, options and packages, they are identical in every way. If you are sure about the condition of both vehicles, the decision is purely a cost based one.

The brake, ABS and 4X4 lights on my BMW X3 all come on at the same time. A mechanic told me the problem is with the electrics of the brake system. How do I check this and what would the repair costs be like?

When all these warning lights come on at the same time it usually indicates a fault in the traction control system / ABS of the car. The 2 most common causes are a defective wheel speed sensor or a defective traction control / ABS module. You will need to have the fault memory read to find the exact nature of the problem. If it is the wheel speed sensor, however, a replacement could cost you about $150. If the traction control / ABS module is defective, you could either replace it or get it fixed from a reliable source which will cost around $300. Be careful when driving because with these lights on it is unlikely that the ABS or traction control will be working.

The air conditioner on my BMW X3 stopped working even though it is blowing air. What can I check myself and if I need to take it to a shop and what should they look for?

If the fan is working, it is likely to be a compressor problem. There are two things you can check yourself. First check the ambient temperature reading in the instrument cluster. If it is too low, the compressor will not start. Next locate fuses 22 and 39 (your owner’s manual will tell you where the fuses are) and see if they are blown or loose. If you need to go to a workshop, the things to be checked are if the condenser fan is working. If not, the compressor may not start. Next have the refrigerant levels checked and if it is low, check for leaks and then flush and recharge the system. Lastly have the mechanic use a BMW compatible scan tool to engage the compressor and check for diagnostic codes in the climate control system which will indicate where the problem leis.

Like all highly sophisticated engineering products, the complexity of the BMW X3 can often leave owners at a loss when it comes to troubleshooting and repairs. While the owner’s manual is the first help resources, it may not cover the problem you are facing. If the manual does not offer the information you need, obtaining the advice and guidance of BMW X3 Expert is the best alternative.
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