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Worm Treatment for Cats

There are many worm treatments for cats that provide protection for not only the cat but for the family as well. However, there are certain side effects that may create issues when worming a cat. To learn more about worming a cat and how a wormer works, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by the Experts.

What medicine can help cats with constipation caused by worm treatment?

Worms or worm medication is most likely causing the constipation. A veterinarian should examine the cat since some of the more common parasites that cats get can’t be eradicated with Over-The-Counter medication. For now, a laxative such as Miralax and canned cat food is recommended to moisten the bowls. The laxative can be given every time the cat eats until it is easily passing a stool. Too much of the laxative, however, may cause diarrhea. Wiping the cat’s rectum with a warm cloth may also help with passing stools more easily.

Is there a low cost treatment for little white worms in cats?

These worms are most probably tapeworms. They lay eggs which are eaten by fleas making the worm infest the flea. When the flea is eaten by an infected dog or cat, it will cause a worse tapeworm infestation in the animal. However, the tapeworms are not contagious enough to pass on to humans or considered very harmful. Veterinarians and pet stores can provide the right medication to treat these types of worms but flea prevention is also important as a part of the treatment cycle.

Is one dose of wormer enough to give to cats and dogs or should more be given?

Case details: I have small children who play with my cat and dog all the time.

One treatment is usually enough most of the time. In case the worms come back, another round of medication can help. However, if the problem keeps recurring, a careful study of the source of the worms and type of worms will have to be made to completely eradicate them.

As for children coming in contact with infected cats or dogs and contracting the infection, the only sure way to check for tapeworms in an animal is to do a fecal exam with the help of a veterinarian. Re-dosing every 2-3 weeks can also be done as it poses minimal danger to the animal. If the animal is free of the worms, they would not pose any danger to the children.

What kinds of worms and treatments are there for a cat that lives outside?

Roundworms resemble spaghetti and can be treated with Pyrantel Pamoate. Tapeworms, on the other hand, look more like rice and have several segments. They can be properly treated with Praziquantel and this medication can be easily found in pet stores and feed stores.

Can a wormer be given to nursing cats?

It is generally not good to give a nursing cat a wormer. However, there are some pregnancy and nursing studies that have shown that certain wormers are safe to use. Panacur (fenbendazole) is one of the examples that come to mind in this respect. But it is recommended that the pet owner call a veterinarian first before given the medication to the cat.

When a pet owner brings a cat into a home, they would want to ensure that the cat has been properly dewormed. However, as a pet owner, you may have lots of questions about deworming treatments, the kinds of worming problems cats have, the symptoms they develop and so on. Direct all your queries to Experts for medical insights and suggestions based on your cat’s case history.
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