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Workforce Investment Act Questions

The Workforce Investment Act is a federal law. It was passed to reform the nation’s system of job training through workforce development activities to help both employers and employees. If you have questions about the Workforce Investment Act, write to Employment Lawyers about your case for quick legal information and insights. Listed below are a few questions answered by Employment Lawyers on the Workforce Investment Act.

I remained a conditional resident alien until after I was 26. I didn’t register for selective services earlier because I was unaware of it. I am participating in the Workforce Investment Act now and want to know if I can still register for selective services despite having got my permanent residency at around 27 or 28?

Even illegal residents are required by law to register for selective services. You could still register by visiting www.sss.gov, request for a No Objection letter and issue a statement saying that you were unaware of the requirement and that failing to register was not intentional. If you have further questions, write to Employment Lawyers on JustAnswer with more details of your case.

I work with the New River Mount Rogers Workforce Investment Board which is in charge of funding for the Workforce Investment Act for Virginia, Area 2. I urgently need to hire an attorney with regard to my employment and have been finding it difficult to do so because of business, political and jurisdictional involvement. How can I find one?

You could visit martindale.com to find an attorney to help you in your area. It is a premier site to locate attorneys and is widely used by attorneys as well. You could also seek legal expertise from Employment Lawyers on JustAnswer by presenting the details of your case before them.

I worked with my employer for around 9 years and was recently requested to fill out a performance review. I am 61 years old and was told I was being let go because of performance, budgets cuts and job elimination. Two young employees will be taking over my responsibilities. My severance was 3.85 weeks pay along with earned vacation time. There was no paid medical insurance given. What legal action can I take?

It is possible that you may be able to sue your employer for termination of your employment due to age discrimination. To quote, “Section 188 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) prohibits discrimination against applicants, employees and participants in WIA Title I-financially assisted programs and activities, and programs that are part of the One-Stop system, on the ground of age. In addition, WIA prohibits discrimination on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, political affiliation or belief, and for beneficiaries only, citizenship or participation in a WIA Title I-financially assisted program or activity. Section 188 of WIA is enforced by the Civil Rights Center.”

To find out more, contact an EEOC representative between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m, Eastern Time. You can also access a 24-hour automated system with answers to frequently asked questions. To reach EEOC, call 1-800-669-4000. For more information, write to an Employment lawyer on JustAnswer who can offer you more legal insights.

Can you let me know what the federal statues for an age discrimination act are?

The federal statutes for age discrimination are the:
The Age Discrimination Act of 1975 (29 USC §6101)
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (29 USC §621)

These statutes are regulated under the following rules:

29 CFR Part 37 - Implementation of the Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Provisions of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
29 CFR Part 1625 - Age Discrimination in Employment Act —
29 CFR Part 1626 - Procedures. Age Discrimination Act

The Workforce Investment Act has many benefits that help a wide spectrum of people including employers, veterans, youth, new job seekers, and people with disabilities. If you belong to these groups or have questions you’d like answered, Employment Lawyers are ready to help. Just direct your queries to them and get answers both quickly and affordably.
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