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Workers’ Compensation Laws

When someone is hurt on the job, many of legal questions that arise pertain to Workers’ Compensation Laws. When people are faced with questions they can turn to Experts for insights or solutions.

What is workers compensation benefits?

Coverage that is compensated, by businesses to offer benefits to workers who might get sick or hurt at work are known as workers compensation. Employees are supplied with benefits and medical care, and companies contain the oath that the worker of staff wouldn’t sue them. Listed below are five of the top Workers Compensation Law questions that have been answered by the Experts.

Under the Michigan Worker’s Compensation, law it states in section 301(9) "reasonable employment" meaning work that is within the employee’s capacity and poses no threat and that is within a reasonable distance from the employee’s residence. What is the definition of reasonable distance?

This is usually a case by case basis because, the distance that is practical with the details of the individual’s employment situation. However, what could seem reasonable to some may not to others for various reasons.

In Texas workers comp law is workers compensation the sole remedy for Employees injured on the job, specifically while driving an employer’s vehicle . What about the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage on the auto driven, Can employee file for PIP?

In most cases the answer is yes. Worker's compensation is the sole recovery an employee can receive from his/her employer for an accident that occurred on the job. However, the injured employee does have the right to sue a person who is not a co-employee or otherwise connected to the employer.

In the Workers Compensation Law if someone is injured and then 5 years later they have to have another surgery related to the injury what are the rights of the worker for financial compensation.

Assuming that the claim was filed and open, then the worker could file for compensation for any related medical care. You can find out more about your rights by going to: http://www.vwc.state.va.us/portal/vwcwebsite/ComServices/ComSrvcForInjuredWorkers/ComSrvcForInjuredWorkersGuide

Under workers compensation law, if the judge orders the insurance company to pay for a surgery, and the party is scheduled for a surgery, can the insurance company make them go to an IME appointment on the same day their surgery is scheduled, or postpone their surgery, even though it was ordered by the judge?

It really depends on the judge's orders. It is likely the case that the judge simply ordered the surgery without regard to keeping the scheduled date of the surgery. You should reschedule the IME, preferably for before the surgery if possible, and have the surgery as scheduled.

Workers’ Compensation Laws can be confusing not only for the employee/worker, but also for the employer. The worker compensation law and worker compensation benefits can often raise questions. . Experts can be of help with fast and effective answers.
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