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Work Visa Questions

A visa is a document that gives authorization and access to non-citizens to enter a country for which the visa is issued. Every country has a large number of classifications of visas with different names. A “work visa” is one of them. Listed below are a few of the most commonly asked questions about work visas that have been answered by Experts.

What is a work visa?

A work visa supports an individual with legal authorization, which allows that individual to take employment in a country where he/she is not a citizen. This permits a person to work for the sponsoring organization/employer. As soon as the person acquiring work visa leaves the job or gets terminated, the visa gets revoked and that person is supposed to leave that country as he/she is not the citizen there.

What are the requirements to qualify for an H-1B professional visa?

To qualify for an H-1B professional visa you would need a job offer. The company must offer a position based on your degree and work experience. Generally the qualification requirements for the position must be a bachelors degree or higher. There must be an opening in that company to recruit a person with these qualifications. The company should have available resources to be able to pay you whatever they would pay a person in such a position under normal circumstances.

Can a small business such as Avon qualifies to renew an expired work visa?

In such a case the work visa cannot be renewed. A small business like Avon would not be considered a significant enough investment to warrant another investor visa.

What are the consequences if my friend stays in the U.S. even after her work visa expires?

If your friend stays in the U.S. even after her work visa expires then she would be staying here illegally. If she stays for less than a year after her visa expires, she can try to apply for any non-immigrant visa available after three years. If your friend overstays for a year or more then she faces a 10-year ban from re-entering the U.S. in any kind of status.

What are the other ways of regaining the legal status in the U.S. when a work visa expires?

When a work visa expires the only way to regain legal status in the U.S. is by getting married to a U.S. citizen or being petitioned by a child who is a citizen of the U.S. and has attained 21 years of age. The other possibilities to regain status can be done after the person returns to his/her own country and if that person leaves the U.S. then is faced by a ban from re-entering the country for 10 years.

There are many doubts among people regarding work visas, such as requirements, expiry, and so on. If you have legal questions about a work visa, you may want to get clarification from a legal expert.
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