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Wobbler Disease in Dogs

What is wobbler disease in dogs?

Cervical spondylomyelopathy (CSM) also known as wobblers disease. Normally, wobbler disease may affect the cervical spine that may be located at the neck. In some cases this disease may affect larger breeds of dogs instead of the smaller breeds. Wobblers’ disease may be the force being applied to the spinal cord and the roots of the nerves. The compression of the nerves and the spinal cord may cause a dog to have neurological pain or symptoms; this may make a dog begin to wobble when it walks. For more information regarding wobbler disease in dogs such as how does a dog obtain wobbler disease, can a dog become paralyzed from wobbler disease and how this disease is diagnosed. Read below where an Expert has answered many questions relating to wobblers disease.

How much will it cost to have a surgical operation done in order to heal wobbler disease?

The cost of surgery for wobbler disease may depend on where in the world the dog is located. In the United States, normally the cost for surgery may be around $3,000 to $5,000. These prices usually include medications, the operation its self and after care for the dog. If the dog is located outside the United States, the cost may be somewhat more expensive or even lower. Typically, if the price is lower, the vet may not include the mediation and after care.

What could cause a dog to have weakness in the hind legs and sensitivity in the spine? Sometimes the dog trips over from not picking up their front legs, as not wanting to put pressure on the hind legs.

There may be several different conditions that could cause a dog to have these symptoms. One of the first diseases that may come to a vets mind may be wobbler disease. Normally, this disease may attack a dog’s spinal cord by compressing the nerves severely, which in return could affect the ability to walk. In some cases if the symptoms are severe the dog may need surgery. Now if wobbler disease is ruled out hip dysplasia may be a possibility, usually this may only affect the back legs. Surgery may be necessary if the case is severe enough.

Could a large dog that strains to pass a bowel movement and the feces are the size of rat feces, have wobbler disease?

Usually a dog that has to strain to have a bowel movement and the feces are very small if any at all may have a blockage in the intestines. The dog may need to be taken to a vet and have an abdominal x-ray. This problem probably is not wobbler disease; the reason may be due to the fact that wobbler disease is more of a neurological illness. Wobbler disease may affect the spine rather than the abdomen.

Could a neck brace help heal wobbler disease instead of surgery?

In some situations a vet may not advise the use of a neck brace to help heal wobbler disease. The reason may be because the brace may act as a pivot and cause more damage, rather than helping the dog. That is not to say that the brace won’t help. There may also be cases where neck brace has actually help the dog.

Wobbler disease may not be a very common disease; however it may affect the larger breeds of dogs. This disease may cause a dog serious pain and discomfort; there may be several ways to treat the pain. Some owners may not be able to afford surgery so there is an acupuncture and gold bead treatment that may help the dog. For more information over wobbler disease in dogs such as, how does acupuncture help a dog with wobbler disease and can a dog become paralyzed from wobbler disease. Contact an Expert for answers to these questions and several others.
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