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Wisdom Tooth Infections Related Questions

What are the signs of a wisdom tooth infection? What is the best medication to use for pain and to cure a tooth infection? When you are in pain it is essential to find treatment as soon as possible. It is not always convenient or necessary to rush to the doctor or dentist; therefore, consulting with an Expert is next best solution. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding wisdom tooth infections.

Could a headache, loss of appetite and weak feeling be caused by a root canal infection?

An infection in a wisdom tooth can affect the entire body and wear a person down. It can cause a fever and numerous body aches and pains. If you are taking an antibiotic, it can take a few days for symptoms to improve. Loss of appetite may be due to the type of antibiotic and a different antibiotic may be needed.

Could a wisdom tooth infection cause pain in the neck and collarbone?

It is not unusual to have neck or collarbone pain with a wisdom tooth infection. There are many nerves around the wisdom tooth, some of which radiate pain down the neck.

Could pain in the jaw and under the ear when mouth is opened be a sign of an infection in a wisdom tooth?

These symptoms are highly suggestive of either a wisdom tooth infection or another dental problem. A dentist should be consulted to determine the problem.

Will a Z-pak cure an infection in a wisdom tooth?

Yes, Zithromaz (azithoromycin) is effective against common oral infections. A complete Z-pak contains five days of treatment and for proper healing take all medication.

Which antibiotic is best for a wisdom tooth infection?

Amoxicillin would be best to heal an infection in a wisdom tooth. The dosage would be 500mg four times a day.

How does an infected wisdom tooth cause bone loss?

Bone loss is caused by a continued bacterial infection surrounding the infected tooth. If the infection is due to a large cavity or decay, the bacteria settles on top of the tooth. Improper and/or insufficient brushing and flossing results in the continued settlement of the bacteria. As a person eats throughout the day, the bacteria receives continued nutrients from the food. The sugar is processed and metabolized and the byproducts eventually break down the enamel layer of the tooth, basically boring a hole into the tooth. Once the bacteria works through the enamel layer and down into the dentin layer, it no longer needs external food sources to continue to grow and spread. When the bacteria works its way into the pulp of the tooth, where the nerve and blood supply are, it can cause nerve damage and the infection spreads. The constant presence of the bacteria causes a person’s body to release inflammatory products by cells resulting in damage/death of these cells (including the bone). The bone is subsequently decalcified, broken down and lost if treatment is not rendered.

Can a person die from a wisdom tooth infection?

It is not common to die because of an infected wisdom tooth. These infections can spread to other places in the body, including vital organs, and in that scenario can be life threatening, but if treated properly an infection can be cured before spreading.

What are some treatments for the pain associated with a wisdom tooth?

A great way to alleviate dental pain is to switch between taking 400mg of ibuprofen and 1000mg of acetaminophen every three hours. Another wonderful treatment for dental pain is to rinse the mouth every two hours with one cup hot water mixed with one half teaspoon salt. If there is swelling around the wisdom tooth, this would indicate that an infection is present.  In this situation, antibiotics would be required to cure the infection.

When you experience pain in your wisdom teeth it is only a matter of time before it can turn into an infection if not treated. Dentists are not always available to answer questions. If you have more questions regarding wisdom tooth infections, contact a verified Expert at your convenience.

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