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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Individuals that have had or will be having wisdom tooth extraction will more than likely have questions or concerns about the wisdom tooth extraction process. So what is a wisdom tooth extraction? A wisdom tooth extraction is simply removing of an individual’s wisdom tooth. An oral maxillofacial surgeon or even a dentist can perform this type of procedure. Some individuals have to have this procedure done while in the hospital especially for those who are at high risk of complications. Uncertainties like how long after a wisdom tooth extraction does an individual need to worry about dry socket or what you can do for wisdom tooth extraction problems often lead to questions like the ones answered below by Experts.

How long after a wisdom tooth extraction do I have to worry about dry socket?

Typically, an individual that has had a wisdom tooth extraction should worry about dry socket for up to three weeks after the wisdom tooth extraction surgery. A normal sign of dry socket is soreness or pain after the third day that enhances and remains for one or two more weeks. In many cases, another sign of dry socket is pain that is either the same or in many cases worse to the pain that was the cause for the extraction.

If an individual had a wisdom tooth extraction ten days ago and can barley open their mouth, eat solid foods because the jaw pain is too extreme, what can this individual do to resolve these problems?

Locked jaw or more specifically trismus is a very common wisdom tooth extraction complication. Lock jaw occurs because the muscles received trauma during the extraction from the anesthesia injection.

If you are having severe pain that is beyond the normal degree of pain at this point and you should make an appointment with an oral surgeon. There could be issues such as infection that need to be taken care of. There are some at home remedies that you can do to help loosen the jaw muscles. You can try chewing gum along with stretching your mouth open as big as you can for 10 seconds 10 times a day.

What would be recommended for wisdom tooth extraction recovery?

Recovery time after a wisdom tooth extraction will vary depending on the type of extraction that was performed. Embedded wisdom teeth require more than just pulling of the tooth. Gum incisions along with bone drilling may be required. The swelling will go down after two days. In all extractions the first 24 hours is very important for the healing process.

There will post-operative instructions that will explain to rest a good amount of time following the extraction. Asking for two days off following the extraction is a good rule of thumb. This will ensure that proper rest has been taken. It also gives individuals the ability to apply ice packs in case of swelling and rinsing with warm salt water. These tasks would be difficult to do while at work.

I have had an impacted wisdom tooth extraction a month ago numbness and severe pain normal this long after a wisdom tooth extraction surgery?

If you are experiencing lingering numbness and severe pain a month after your wisdom tooth extraction it could mean that you have had nerve damage because of the extraction. Since there is a case that the individual has experienced nerve damage, this can take several weeks for the feeling to come pack and the pain to go away. You can consult with a neurologist to see if there is any way to speed up the healing process.

How soon can you brush your teeth after a wisdom tooth extraction?

As long as bleeding is controlled you can brush your teeth the night of the wisdom tooth extraction surgery. Brush very carefully but don’t rinse because any swishing can cause bleeding in the mouth. The day after the extraction you can go back to brushing twice a day with a soft bristle tooth brush. Rinse at least 5 times a day with a cup of warm salt water.

Many individuals nowadays deal with wisdom tooth extractions. When facing this kind of extraction obtaining the right facts and understanding about wisdom tooth extraction can help wisdom tooth extraction problems. Experts can help answer questions about what would be recommended for wisdom tooth extraction recovery or how soon you can brush your teeth after wisdom tooth extraction surgery. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert.
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