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Electrical Wiring Problems

Electrical wiring means insulated conductors which are used to carry electricity. Connecting cords for appliances, circuit connections, device connections, and electrical panel connections require some type of wiring connection. The following are some of the frequently answered questions by Experts.

I am in the process of electrically wiring a food truck . Please tell me what I need to do for a breaker box as this will need hooking up to the 220 outlet on the generator (8000 watts) . The main breaker box will need to be connected to smaller ones that will run the various appliances like a small electric oven , micro-wave , toaster , coffee maker , hood fan , refrigerator and lights . Please tell me how to distribute the various load requirements and the size of wiring for the smaller breakers. Does the use of the 220 outlet eliminate the need to use the 110 outlets on the generator?

Since you are feeding it with a 30 amp service, use 15 amp breakers and try 12 gauge wire (overkill). A 15 amp breaker is rated for 1800 watts but you need to be careful not to use more than 80% of its calculated load which would equal about 1440 watts and 12 amps. It is suggested that your coffee maker and air-conditioning unit have a circuit of their own. An overload may result if you use the toaster and the microwave simultaneously, so if you keep these things in mind, you can avoid problems.

Can wiring my dishwasher and garbage disposal into same single gang outlet work?

Case details : The wiring from the breaker box is 12-3 with ground on dual breaker to outlet box and 12-2 w ground from outlet box to switch to turn disposer on and off.

After checking and making sure the power is “off” proceed with the wiring in the following manner :

In the 12-3 line from the panel, connect the red wire to the white in the 12-2 which goes to the switch. The white wire should be identified as a “hot” by using red tape on each connection point. Inside the switch box connect the black and white with red tape to the brass screws and the ground will hook to the green screw. Once the wiring of the switch is done, take the black wire in the 12-2 for the garbage disposal which is the “hot” one. The “hot” wire for the dishwasher will be the black wire in the 12-3. All grounding wires will tie together and similarly, the remaining whites will tie together making your appliances ready for use.

Since wiring installed in conduit for an access control system runs on low voltage, does it need to conform to the National Electrical Code?

According to section 640.23 of the NEC, which relates to Audio Systems, “the number of conductors permitted in a single conduit or tubing shall not exceed the percentage of fill”. This is stipulated in table 1, chapter 9, which implies that there are limits for all types of wiring irrespective of their voltage.

How best can I wire two ceiling fans which are on the same circuit and run on a 12/3 wire, to two 3 way switches so that the lights and the fans can be operated separately? Do I need some other wire?

You will need two 3-way switches if you require running the two fans together and the two lights together. 12/3 wire should work fine for the wiring going from one side of the room to the ceiling fans. Here, the black wire will control the fans and the red wire will control the lights. However, you will also need 2 more 12/3 wires going from one 3-way at one end of the room to the other 3-way at the other end of the room which will be your “travelers”. The power source which you need to have at the other end of the room should be your “common”.

Please tell me how to hook up an electrical cooktop which has a 220 volt wiring and has a red, black, white and green wire but my home has a black wire, a white wire and a copper (bare) wire.

Connect the white and green to the bare wire, black to the black wire and red on the cooktop to the white in the feeder. The white will be your power conductor and so will need to be marked using black electric tape.

Whether one is a professional or new to making electrical wiring connections, doubts may arise sometimes as to the correctness of a certain connection made. This becomes more important for the simple reason that even a basic or small error may be extremely dangerous. Whenever you have doubts or questions, it’s wiser to ask an Expert than to experiment and asking an Expert is quick, easy and affordable.
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