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Wireless Router Problems

What is a wireless router?

Wireless router is an electronic device which works as both wireless access point and as a network switch. This device enables a user to access internet on his computer/ cell phone via radio waves. Being an electronic gadget, the wireless router encounters with numerous glitches. To know more about the problems related to wireless router, read below the answers provided by Experts.

How to set up a wireless router?

The procedure to set up a wireless router may vary from brand to brand. In most cases, the user has to connect an Ethernet cable from one of the Local Area Network (LAN) ports on the broadband modem to the Wide Area Network (WAN) of the router device. Then an Ethernet cable from the LAN port of the router needs to be connected to the Ethernet port of the computer and make sure all the devices are on switched off mode during this process. The next step is to turn on the power of the modem, router and then the computer. Now it is ready to use when all the lights on both the modem and router turns on indicating that the WAN and LAN are connected. In case of installing a used or already configured router, the user has to reset its factory default settings after connecting all cables.

How to reset a wireless router which has been blocked?

You need to press and hold the reset button of the router for 30 seconds while the device is on. After releasing the button, you have to wait for another 60 seconds before disconnecting the power supply to the router. Connect the internet modem to the WAN port of the router and restore power supply after 10 seconds. You also need to unplug the modem for 10 seconds. Once the router and modem are connected to power, you have to wait for five minutes before you start the reconfiguration process using your computer. You can select your network name by following this procedure: click on > start > control panel > classic view > network and sharing center > connect to a network.

How to fix the problem when a laptop does not recognize the wireless router while not connected to it?

To deal with this situation, you need to disconnect the laptop’s Ethernet cable from the wireless router. Then click on the start > run and type ‘ncpa.cpl’ and press enter. It would take you to the network connection window. In that window, you can get connected to the internet by right clicking on wireless network connections and diagnose.

How to change the password of a wireless router?

The procedure of changing the wireless router password involves couple of methods and depends on the Operating System (OS) on which your computer is running. In case, it is a computer with Windows 7 OS, click on start > control panel > network and internet > network and sharing center. By clicking on ‘network and sharing’ center this would lead you to the heading ‘view your active networks’. Now under the heading of ‘view your active networks’, you need to click on the ‘wireless network connection’ header. This process would throw up a new window, where you have to click on the button ‘wireless properties’, which would again take you to a new window, where you have to click on the security tab on the top. The ‘network security key’ box will pop which will enable you to reset your password.

Now, if a computer is running without Window 7 OS, you need to type in in the address bar and press enter to access the router’s configuration page. Once you manage to get in to the router’s configuration page, click on the ‘wireless’ on the top and ‘wireless security’ in the sub-menu. It will navigate you to the security page, where you will find your password.

Wireless routers have now become quite popular to access internet through Wi-Fi. There are several wireless routers manufacturing companies and they do have their own set of procedure related to its set up, configuration and maintenance. One must need to secure his/her wireless router/Wi-Fi from unauthorized access. With ever growing IT era, it has become quite impossible to keep an eye on all the aspects related to wireless router. Hence, it is always advisable to consult with an Expert on such matters to deal with day to day problems.
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