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Wine Chiller Repair Questions

In most cases, wines which are a refined drink need to be maintained at certain temperatures to keep their taste and flavor intact. Wine chillers are used for this purpose since a desired temperature can be maintained and keep the wine chilled. The principles on which the wine chillers operate are similar to other refrigerators and chillers. Wine chillers consist of compressors, refrigerants, thermostats, control panels, and so on. However, when individuals’ face issues with their wine chiller, it could most likely be with any of these elements. Listed below are a few common questions that have been answered by the Experts on wine chiller repair

What could it mean for a wine chiller to display an error reading E4 and/or LL? How can this error be repaired?

The fault or error code E4 implies the control or circuit board (PCB) is faulty. You may need to replace the PCB or control board and these parts are mainly available with the manufacturer. Error code LL refers to a situation where the chiller has gotten too cold. In such a case, the contents of the chiller would usually freeze. This type of issue could be related to the thermostat or again to the control board.

What could be the problem if a wine chiller is making a rattling noise that seems to be coming from the compressor?

If you believe the sound is coming from the compressor, the rattling sound is a possibility when the compressor is shutting down or it could be the compressor hitting the bottom of the fridge cabinet. Rubber feet or some type of shock absorbers would need to be in place to prevent this. Check this to be certain. If neither of these is the issue, it could mean the compressor is damaged. The inner wings which are internally welded to the side of the compressor could have come loose. This type of damage would need a replacement as repair may not be possible.

What could cause a brand new wine chiller to not cool? Everything else is working properly on the unit other than the cooling system.

The compressor seems to be working in this case but since the unit is not getting cooled, the problem could lie with the sealed system. It could also signify blocked coils, leakage in the coils or a defective compressor. To repair any of these issues would prove quite expensive. Since this unit is new, it will be under warranty and you should get it repaired under the warranty coverage.

What could an individual do to repair their wine chiller that is set at 45 degrees but is maintaining the temperature of 76 degrees?

This could be a case of a faulty thermostat. Therefore, first unplug the unit, detach the thermostat and temporarily merge the two wires which enter it and turn on the unit. Once the unit is turned on, the compressor should come on and the sound of a compressor is different from a regular fan. If you hear no sound, you may need to replace the compressor and this would be a costly affair.

What could be the problem with a wine chiller that reads 75 degrees and the patch of ice on the back has melted?

If the chiller had ice at the back of the compartment it could most likely mean low refrigerant. This is usually a result of seals drying out because of the unit not being used. These units usually have a small amount of lubricant inside the sealed system which prevents this type of an issue. Since the compressor and fan are working it is an indication that the refrigerant is low. This is because the control board is unable to receive any signal from the temperature control unit since the unit is not achieving its desired temperature. This is an issue which would need professional intervention. Any refrigeration company can inspect the unit and refill the refrigerant to the required capacity. This will allow it to return to normal.

Wine chillers may not be used often or if used, may not be opened regularly. Hence you may notice a problem with it later than it could have started. Proper diagnosis of the problem helps resolve the majority of the problem and assists in easier wine chiller repair. To have someone to guide you and provide you with insights and information, Experts will be helpful and useful to tackle any problem immediately and effectively.
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