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Windows 7 Problems

Windows 7 is an operating system that was developed by Microsoft as an upgrade from Windows Vista. It has a range of features and multi-core processors that offers faster and more efficient performance. And while there are several versions of this OS available, the installation for all of them typically remains the same. Since it is a popular operating system, there could be a few problems that you may have faced with it over time. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on issues related to Windows 7.

After I bought a new Dell computer, I find that Corel 10 is not running properly on Windows 7 and WordPerfect isn’t working properly. What should I do?

The reason you are facing these problems is that since Corel 10 was released many years ago, it isn’t compatible with Windows 7. It can run only on the following platforms: Windows 95 / 2000 /XP/ Me /NT/98. By buying and installing the latest version of Corel that is compatible with Windows 7, you should be able to fix your problem. If you want to sample a free trial of Corel WordPerfect X4, you can download it from here:

Is WordPerfect X3 compatible with Windows 7?

This would not be fully compatible with Windows 7. A later version of Corel WordPerfect which is either X4 or X5 would work better with your operating system.

Where can I get Windows 7 Ultimate from?

The site below can help you. Follow the instructions given to buy and download this operating system from here.

Where can I find a tutorial setup for WordPress on Windows 7?

Refer to the link below for a complete tutorial to help you both install and configure WordPress for your computer.

I have a problem with my keyboard. When I open Windows 7 and type, there are no characters appearing on my screen. What should I do?

Case details: None of the keys work after I type in my password to open Windows 7. I have tried restarting system as well as unplugging and re-plugging keyboard.

You probably need to download and install the latest keyboard software to fix this problem. To do this, first download the latest drivers for the keyboard. The link below will lead you to the Microsoft hardware site that will enable you to do this. Once you download it, your keys should work alright.

Windows 7 has several versions available that cater to different professional and individual needs. While you may have come across a few of the problems listed above, it’s possible that you may have your own set of questions regarding installing and running Windows 7 or compatibility issues that you can’t figure out on your own. In such a situation, put your questions to Windows 7 Experts who can offer information and insights to help you find solutions to your problems in the fastest and most cost-effective way.
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