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Military Wife

Military Wife is the term used for the wife of a soldier. Many rights and benefits are awarded to the wife of a soldier and these rights may not be fully explained to the wife or the wife may not know what benefits that she is privy to. Below are the most commonly asked questions regarding Military wives that have been answered by the Experts.

What options does a military wife have if she suffers from seizures and the husband is getting ready to be deployed?

The soldier can talk to his commander and apply to have a change of orders to not be deployed. The soldier may also be able to ask his commander for other help and resources that the commander would have access to. The soldier may also contact his congressman to see if he/or she may be able to help with the situation.

What would a military wife need to do to get her husband to pay support to her while they are going through divorce proceedings?

The wife would need to write a certified letter to the commanding officer of her husband asking that the husband pays spousal support while the court proceedings are taking place. Unless the wife receives a court order for the husband to pay the support, the certified letter is the only way for her to receive any kind of support from the husband.

In North Carolina, how would a military wife correct a child’s birth certificate if the soldier she is married to is not the father, and the real father wants his information on the birth certificate?

It may not be necessary to change the child’s birth certificate. The wife can still file for medical and child support from the biological father without changing the information of the child’s birth certificate. The soldier may have accepted responsibility by signing the birth certificate when he was not the real father thus relieving the biological father of his responsibility to support the child. The wife may need to go to court in North Carolina to determine who is responsible for the child.

What right does a military wife have if her husband refuses to give her the money needed to support the family while he is overseas?

The wife would need to review the Army guidelines for family support found here After reviewing these guidelines the wife would need to contact the husband’s commanding officer and file a complaint against the husband. The Army takes supporting the soldier’s family very seriously and the simple call to the commanding officer may do the trick to get the support the wife needs. If going to the commanding officer does not work, then the wife can contact her local congressman and the congressman may be able to pressure the Army to take action.

In the state of North Carolina, what would rightfully be a military wife’s if the wife files for divorce due to the husband cheating on her and having another child with the other woman?

In the state of North Carolina, the adultery could be used as grounds for the divorce. If the husband and wife can agree on a settlement, then the divorce could be cheaper than if the wife hired an attorney to file the divorce for her. The wife would need to file the divorce on the grounds of adultery and ask the court for a larger portion of the martial property. The wife may also, under the Former Spouse Protection Act, ask the court to award her part of the soldier’s retirement benefits if he retires out of the military.

Military wives have many benefits. They receive financial and medical support from their soldier husbands. Military wives may come across issues such as adultery, non-payment of their responsibilities, and lack of support from their soldier husbands. The wife may need advice or ways to get the benefits that she is entitled to. Many times a military wife may find herself questioning what steps she may need to take to get the benefits that she may be entitled to. Consulting an expert may be a wise decision for the military wife to make.
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