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Social Security Widow Benefits

What is Social Security Widow Benefits and who qualifies for Social Security Survivor Widow Benefits?

A widow benefit is money that is earned from a deceased spouse to the widow or widower. Social Security Benefits for widows is a retirement benefit that is determined on the deceased spouse’s wages and is give to the widow or widower in a weekly or monthly benefit form. Reduced widow benefits can start at the age of 60 and can receive full benefits at retirement age. Many times when a spouse passes away, it leave the widow or widower left with wondering where may income come from, wondering how social security widow benefits eligibility works, and who determines the amount. Many questions often arise that are left unanswered and can cause a widow to miss out of money that is rightfully theirs. Read below where some of the top Social Security Benefit questions have been answered by the Experts.

If a widow gets re-married, does that person lose former spouse’s Social Security?

Situations such as these will depend on the age of the widow once they are re-married. If the person is to get re-married before reaching the age of 60 years old; then the widow will more than likely stop receiving all assets of the first spouse because then they would not be considered a widow any longer.. The widow will still receive benefits that were their own benefits from their own earnings.

How can a person obtain a Social Security Administration (SSA) marriage certificate and divorce decree when applying Social Security Widow's Benefits?

The widow can obtain the marriage certificate at the local courthouse where the couple went to fill out paperwork before marriage was finalized and filed with the court. Usually the divorce decree is easily obtainable from the county court's family law court clerk's office at the location as to where the divorce was settled. The court will probably charge a fee for letting out certified copies of both respected documents.

Can a person receive social security benefits from death of a spouse and from filing for divorce with current spouse?

The Social Security Administration Law state that the only way to apply for widow benefits is if the current marriage ends in either death or divorce. However, if the widow is remarried after the age of 60 they could apply for widow benefits, but if was younger than 60 and was remarried currently at the time the ex-spouse passed away, they would not be entitled to widow benefits until the current marriage dissolved in either death or divorce.

How can a person collect their own social security benefits and collect widow's benefits at the same time?

The person will not be able to receive full benefits of both. The person will receive half of the deceased spouse benefits or full benefits of their own social security. Each individual situation could be different, and the widow/widower would need to determine which way would benefit them greater and choose their option.

How can someone find out if they are entitled to Widow Social Security Benefits?

Social Security Widow Benefits can often be confusing if a person has been married multiple times, or even just once. Knowing the rules and regulations of what and who qualifies for widow benefits. Having the right information about Social Security Widow Benefits can help individual deal with difficult situations and make the right decisions and choices. If you are facing tough questions and need answers you can ask the Experts about Social Security Widow Benefits and other related topics.

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