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Wi-Fi Problems

What is Wi-Fi and how does it work?

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking device which uses radio frequency to provide high speed and secured internet connection to multiple devices wirelessly. Be it a laptop, game console or smart phone, accessing internet via Wi-Fi has become common these days. To know more about Wi-Fi and its related problems, read below the answers provided by Experts.

What can be done if a smart phone does not connect to a home Wi-Fi network, but is able to connect internet signal from other places, even though other wireless accessories can connect to the home Wi-Fi connection?

To solve this problem, you need to have a computer connected to your home Wi-Fi. Then follow this instructions> go to ‘settings’> select ‘applications’> select ‘manage applications’ > select ‘all’> select ‘network locations’> select ‘force stop’ and then ‘clear data’. After this, you need to select ‘all’ and select ‘Google services framework’ and then select ‘clear data’. Now, turn off and turn on the smart phone for while. After this, your phone should connect to your home Wi-Fi.

My laptop does not recognize a new Wi-Fi signal in most of the places. Sometimes, it keeps scanning and shows the list of available networks, but does not connect. But it gets connected to Wi-Fi in places where it has got connected previously. How do I get over this problem?

It means that, your laptop is not able to identify new and open Wi-Fi network at some places, which is preventing you from accessing the internet. Follow these few simple steps when you step in to a Wi-Fi hotspot next time:

You can see a wireless network progress bar in the right bottom of your computer screen while your system scans for available Wi-Fi network. That bar will have a yellow start over it, when you have never been connected to that particular Wi-Fi network. Then you have to click on the network progress bar and a list of available networks will appear on your screen. This would help you to get connected to the Wi-Fi and you might have to repeat this process whenever you are in a new free Wi-Fi zone.

Wi-Fi technology is a must for almost all working professionals. It helps you to stay connected while on move. You can do wonders if you use this technology in a perfect and prescribed way. Now days, almost all the colleges, universities, hotels and mall have come forward to provide seamless Wi-Fi connectivity to their patrons. There are lots of products like routers, signal boosters, smart phones available in the market to make the best use of this Wi-Fi technology. Due to some technical problems, one might face some problems related to Wi-Fi connectivity. The best way to deal with such situations is to get in touch with Experts, who can help you fix your problem.
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