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White Rodgers Thermostat Problems

programmable thermostat helps to adjust the temperature to a desired level in a particular system, according to a number of programmed settings. Thermostats help to arrest losses of heating and cooling in a building when the temperature rises and falls at different times during the day. White Rodgers thermostats are just one brand on the market today. However, thermostats can often malfunction and cause a person to have questions regarding the repair. Here are some of the frequently asked questions answered by Experts regarding White Rodgers Thermostat Problems.

If the screen of a digital White Rodgers Thermostat suddenly goes dark even though the functions work but am unable to change the settings and the batteries have been replaced, what could be the problem?

If the functions still work, it would seem that there is nothing wrong with the batteries. However, if the functions work even though the display doesn’t, it is more than likely because of a defective thermostat which you will have to replace with a new one.

How would someone get a White-Rodgers Thermostat Model which controls a gas-forced air HVAC system that the screen goes blank and has stopped heating to work?

The first thing to try is to open up the front cover and access the terminals marked R and W. It is possible that a low voltage fuse in the furnace has burnt out, but most probably, the thermostat seems to be broken. Bend a paper clip to “U” shape and have the terminals contact each other through the red wire terminal marked R and the white wire terminal marked W, which would help the furnace to switch on. This will function as your switch till you get the thermostat to work. Leave the wire as it is till the house is heated to your comfort level and remove it when you want the furnace shut off. You will have to operate it in this manner till you have a technician or Expert come fix the thermostat.

How would a White Rodgers Thermostat be disabled to be able to operate it manually?

In most situations, one could press down the “Hold” button and set the temperature as desired and keep adjusting it accordingly. This will help unless you press the “Run” button which will enable the program mode again.

If a White Rodgers thermostat is stuck in the “Hold ”position is there an online manual that can be referred to fix the problem?

First try removing the batteries and putting them back backwards for about 15 seconds. Take them out again and replace them in the correct position. This action sometimes helps to get it to reset. If this does not solve the problem, press the “Up” and “Down” keys at the same time which should help. The following link will take you to the instructions manual. http://s3.pexsupply.com/manuals/1249544570102/White_Rodgers_1F78-151_Instructions.pdf  

If a White Rodgers Thermostat model number 1F83-277 that incorrectly reads 19 degrees inside the house when it is 82 degrees outside how can the thermostat be fixed to read the correct temperature inside the house?

The first thing is to try a hard reset of the thermostat. The following link will take you to a manual where you can look up “Troubleshooting” on page 8. Alternately, you could try taking out the batteries and replacing them after a few minutes. If none of these work, you may have to replace the thermostat itself. http://www.emersonclimate.com/en-US/resources/faq/white_rodgers/Documents/0037-6509.pdf If you own a White Rodgers Thermostat which runs into problems, or if you have doubts regarding its functions, you could always ask an Expert for solutions to your particular problem or clarify doubts you may have rather than trying to solve the problem yourself. Many times asking an Expert can help save time and money.
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