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White Collar Crime Laws

What is a White Collar Crime?

White-collar crime is an economically provoked, financial, non-violent offense committed for unlawful economic gain. Normally these crimes are committed by persons considered respectable, of high social standing in the course of occupation.

What are some Types of White Collar Crime?

Computer fraud: Where PC hackers take data basis controlled on PC’s, like: bank data, credit cards, and proprietary data. Credit Card Fraud: The unlawful use of a credit card to get merchandise of worth. Extortion: Happens when someone criminally gets possessions from a different place by real or threatened force, terror, or hostility, or under cover of executive right. Here are a few other types of White Collar Crimes as well: Bank fraud, bribery, blackmail, embezzlement, money laundering, insider trading and cellular phone fraud.

If fifteen years ago someone was given probation and ordered to pay $23,000.00 for a white collar crime but never reported to their probation officer, now has stage 3 ovarian cancer and wants to straighten their record out, but there is a warrant out; what is the best course of action for her?

The individual needs to have their legal representative to file a motion with the judge to waive the fees and to also ask for early termination of the probation. Usually, when somebody in this circumstance could show a extreme financial hardship particularly with health issues such as this the judge is agreeable to work with defendants, but they would not do this without the individual going to see the judge with an lawyer to negotiate the matter.

My husband is serving time for a white-collar crime restitution has been set and a civil suit is pending; we own a home together, is my half of the profit of the sale of the home at jeopardy?

If you were to sell the house your share of the profit cannot be taken from you to pay his restitution. Any lien there may be would attach to his share of proceeds not yours.

Is there any legal way to live in Jamaica while on probation or visit for a period, by hiring an attorney to motion the court? Is this even possible? With a high restitution, is it EVER possible to get an early release of probation in Arizona?

Given that the individual is on probation, they would not allow the individual to leave the country, in particular one like Jamaica. That does not help freely with requests for extradition and they make it difficult to extradite. Passports are not returned until your probation is complete. With restitution still outstanding there wouldn’t be a way to get an early release from probation and if it is still outstanding in three years your probation may be extended.

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